Fan vs Fan

About Down Goes Spezza

Owner/Editor/Head Writer: Matt B.
Age: 22
Home: NJ
Favorite Current Flyer: Tie between Chris Pronger, he is god, and Kimmo Timonen, the little Defenseman that could...
Favorite All-Time Flyer: Eric Desjardins, just a class act and a good guy, also, I'm partial to Defenseman
Favorite Sport that isn't hockey: Baseball, go Yankees
Random Fact about Matt: The NY Yankees fan on staff, because of that, he hides from the rest of us by playing World of Warcraft.

Staff Writer/MS Paint Artist: Amy D.
Age: 23
Home: NH
Favorite Current Flyer: Darroll Powe, this guy plays with a huge heart.
Favorite All-Time Flyer: Bobby Clarke, the captain of the Bullies
Favorite Sport that isn't hockey: Gymnastics, mainly because I did it.
Random Fact about Amy: Amy loves making people laugh, she's also not single.

Head Procrastinator/Guest Blogger: PhillyGirl1437
Age: Like I'm telling you
Home: Philadelphia (in case you couldn't tell)
Favorite Current Flyer: \Michael Leighton - oh wait - did you say favorite current Phantom? Oh, favorite current Flyer - Andreas Nodl. Hey, why the hell not? ..
Favorite All-Time Flyer: Eric Desjardins - it's Rico - got to love him.
Favorite Sport that isn't hockey: Baseball - Chase Utley, you are the man.
Random Fact about PhillyGirl1437: Haven't I shared enough?

Guest Blogger Person: ItsAFez66 (whose real name may or may not start with one of the following letters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ)
Age: 21 (Oh hi there, ability to legally buy alcohol.)
Home: NJ (AKA South Jersey, the better part of NJ)
Favorite Current Flyer: BOB! (I have a goldfishie named after him!) And Pronger.
Favorite All-Time Flyer: Lappy Lappy Lappy HEY! (Ian Laperriere = Badassery on skates)
Favorite Sport that isn't hockey: Figure Skating, and Gymnastics too.
Random Fact: Evgeni Malkin is ugly.