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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Special Embarrasing Moment Edition

So, Um, Glove...

Just a quick update today in addition to the usual weekly report. Derian Hatcher was at practice today. You know, used to play defense for the Flyers. Was slow as hell before having a total knee replacement. Yeah - that guy.

He decided to take a penalty shot on me and well, um, he scored. No really, just waltzed right up and stuffed it thru the 5-hole. I tried to play it off like I was just playing around and wasn't taking the whole thing seriously. I was totally taken aback by the burst of speed he came at me with - I mean, where did that come from? Who knew he could still move like that. The bionic knee must be doing wonders for him.

So yeah, to summarize - my 5-hole, pretty much open to all parties 24/7. Sigh.

Hugs & Sheepish Faces


DGS Podcast Episode 7: Steve Whyno

So here we go: DGS Podcast Uncensored, Uncut and Raw. Featuring Steve Whyno!

Steve writes for Philly Sports Daily

Topics we hit (in no real order)-

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Week 7

Dear Glove -

It wasn't such a great weekend for me. I mean, we got two points, but lost in shootouts. I'm just not good at those. Sunday, this one guy just came right up and stuffed it through the five-hole. That's just wrong. I really need to work on that. Saturday, I actually managed to give up three goals in four minutes. Not my finest moment. Sure coach will love me even more now. Sigh. At least Johan lost on Friday, a shootout. Really, what is that?

I had a brief glimmer of hope on Sunday before the game. The Flyers were playing the Rangers and Boosh went down with an injury. Looked pretty bad, he wasn't getting up or anything. I got excited for a moment and then realized what does it matter? There's no way I'm making it through re-entry waivers, so I'm stuck here for the duration, regardless of what happens to Boosh and Bob. Hell, they'd call up Backlund then bring Riopel or Stewie back from the ECHL and one of them would be more appreciated by coach.

Yeah, I'm in hell. Sigh.

Hugs & Tears,


Saturday, February 19, 2011

DGS Podcast Episode 6: Paul Teeple

Welcome to the new Podcast!

This week's guest is NAHL broadcaster Paul Teeple.

We talk about (in no particular order)

  • Versteeg for picks
  • The Maple Leaf's woes
  • Chris Pronger, future Leaf?
  • JvR and the NAHL
  • Junior hockey
  • Hockey trivia

(Editor's Note: there's a 50% chance to embedded audio file won't show up...I've been having problems and I'm not using my normal rig to upload it...someone leave a comment as to whether or not it's there so I can fix it.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NHL Mirrors

So I'm sitting the UTP After Party and Pete found a link to NHL Mirrors. This got me thinking; what do you see if you look in each team's NHL-Mirror. Well needless to say, I went and found out.

  • Philadelphia Flyers: No matter who you are, looking at this mirror automatically results in a goalie controversy in Philadelphia  
  • New York Islanders: Looking in this mirror will cause you to see the next Rick DiPietro injury.
  • New Jersey Devils: If you look in this mirror; you see the past, present and future of the organization, but don't buy costs $100,000,000.00
  • New York Rangers: The 2003 NHL mirrors had 1 dud in 30 mirrors...Glen Sather found the one dud.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: The owner of the store that sells the NHL mirrors really loves the #87 of Penguins mirror. Warning: no customers outside of Pittsburgh actually like this mirror.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Whenever this mirror is changed, the new part is automatically touted as the greatest mirror ever, regardless of the fact that it is probably totally over-hyped.
  • Montreal Canadiens: Warning: this mirror reflects light back at you; setting your car on fire.
  • Ottawa Senators: This mirror finally broke and is now being rebuilt; it probably will still suck though.
  • Buffalo Sabres: The old mirror had a slug; now the slug is gone but no one actually cares
  • Boston Bruins: This mirror is made up of parts that SHOULD be part of the Maple Leafs mirror but got rejected. That being said, this mirror is far better than the Toronto mirror.
  • Washington Capitals: Made of Red and Blue this mirror works well, then mysteriously shatters at the first sign of pressure.
  • Atlanta Thrashers: this mirror is so shiny, that looking directly at it will cause you to pass out for no reason.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: This is one rich mirror and owning will cause problems. Also, everyone suspects that part of this mirror will always be moved to Montreal despite it never happening.
  • Florida Panthers: This mirror has existed for close to 20 years, but it's never really been noticed.
  • Carolina Hurricanes: The only time this mirror was ever actually cared about was when the store that carried it hosted a competition for the best versions of the other 29 mirrors.
  • Detroit Red Wings: Despite being old and about to break, this mirror always seems to keep on working just fine.
  • Chicago Blackhawks: This mirror will be cracked and distorted for 50 years, then finally get cleaned up...only to be taken apart and used to build the Atlanta Mirror.
  • Nashville Predators: This magical mirror is not only boring, but it's most notable characteristic is the really tall Scandinavians that guard it.
  • St Louis Blues: Yeah; it's a mirror. Solidly built. Good at reflecting things, but really hard to talk about.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: It's a mediocre mirror that does mediocre things. Actually this mirror always attracts fans of the Pittsburgh mirror much to the chagrin of the one person in the world who likes the Blue Jackets.        
  • Colorado Avalanche: This mirror literally fails at everything, blame Matt Hunwick.    

  • Minnesota Wild: Looking into this mirror for long periods of time will cause you to fall asleep.
  • Edmonton Oilers: This mirror could be really awesome...if anyone actually wanted to use it...but it is just so damn cold there, and that's before the frigid winter sets in.
  • Calgary Flames: This mirror allows to look into the past and see the past Flames still in action...wait...what's that you say? that's NOT a magical mirror.
  • Vancouver Canucks: This meteor shatters whenever left in the same room as the Blackhawks mirror.
  • Dallas Stars: This mirror is known for just hanging around, but when looked at, you realize it's a damn good mirror.
  • Los Angeles Kings: A mirror loaded with awesome features like "Brown" and a "Doughty Block" but it doesn't seem to be working at it's potential. This is what happens a Terry Murray and John Stevens is in charge of keeping it maintained.
  • Anaheim Ducks: What started off a Disney like joke, became just a generic joke. That being said, looking into this mirror combined with the St Louis mirror allows you to see Norris Divisions past.
  • Phoenix Coyotes: This mirror always reflects an image of Winnipeg. No idea why.
  • San Jose Sharks: This mirror is the original model of the Washington mirror; only it's teal. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Week 6

Happy Valentine's Day Glove -

We'll get into how the weekend went shortly, but I need to ask you a personal question first. You know you're my one true love and all, but I need your opinion on what to get the wife. She's been following me around the league for ten years, she has to be sick of me by now. You think this would put her over the edge? I thought she might see the humor in it. Okay, yeah, you're right as usual. Not a good idea. She'd probably waive me, too.

So back to the weekend. Saturday night we played the baby Penguins (number one team in the AHL) and I got to start. I was fantastic. Stopped everything they tossed my way - 28 shots in total for my second consecutive shutout. Yeah I know, their top seven scorers weren't in the line up, but think about it. When your team can only muster up one goal on 18 shots, you have to stop everything that comes your way, no matter who's shooting it. Got first star of the game and second star in the entire AHL on Saturday night. Woohoo for me.

If Saturday was my high of the weekend, Sunday was definitely the low. Got my third consecutive start, but gave up four goals, including an overtime goal. Blew two leads. Yeah, I know, not my best work. I did have a few amazing saves, but they don't mean nothing when you lose. The overtime goal went in and I just went straight for the locker room. I was not happy with myself.

We'll see if coach goes back to his pet on Wednesday. But at least I can say I had a 157:45 minute shutout streak. 31 career AHL shutouts. Here's hoping I don't get the chance to break the record of 45.

Hugs & Roses,


Saturday, February 12, 2011

DGS Podcast Episode 5: Kevin Sellathamby

Another Saturday, another podcast:

Today we got Kevin from In Lou We Trust.

Quick things we talk about (In no real order):

  • Matt Cooke
  • NHL Goonery and why Matt Cooke sucks
  • The New York Rangers and why they suck
  • The Devils sucking
  • Flyers awesomeness
  • Sean Avery?
  • Raw Is PRONGER!
  • Hockey Trivia

Friday, February 11, 2011

Claude Giroux's Nicknames

So as I learned from a story written by my good buddy Steve Whyno. Claude Giroux has a nickname compliments of Braydon Coburn; "Puck Wizard". Well the DGS SuperSpies did a little digging and they found out a list of OTHER nicknames Giroux has and how he got them. Because we believe in educating Flyerdom on the players nicknames, we're gonna share what we learned.

Nickname: Ginger Midget
Story Behind It: Claude's a Ginger kid...and he's short

Nickname: Dink the Clown
Story Behind It: Well; Claude shares a name with a midget wrestler from the 80s.

(Editor's Note: DGS is short too, he's probably shorter than Giroux.)

Nickname: The Deke-Master
Story Behind It: With moves like these, it's self explanatory

Nickname: Dicky
Story Behind it: Against the Capitals; back in November, Mr. Giroux scored a goal with well...part of his body.

Nickname: Claude Briere
Story Behind it: Lives with Danny, is Danny's kid's oldest brother. Yeah; he's a G like that.

So there you have it, Claude's nicknames.

Jody Shelley and Scott Hartnell want to meet Down Goes Spezza

Yes, you're reading that right. The presence of Down Goes Spezza and SethDH have been requested by Jody Shelley. This is because apparently our usage of the hashtag #HartnellDown has made it to Jody Shelley and Scott Hartnell.

For a quick history of Hartnell Down: I turn to Seth for his words on the topic:

Last year, towards the end of the season and in playoffs, people started noticing how often Hartnell falls. I figured I'd keep track just for fun. I didn't think, at the beginning of the season, he'd hit 100 and now I'm hoping he reaches 200.

He fell 8 times in one game this year. I believe it was the 5-1 win over Pittsburgh in october.

I can't thank you enough for just stepping in and helping make HARTNELL DOWN turn into #Hartnell down.

One last thing, I really hope Jody Shelly doesn't beat us up. Though, if he does, it'll make for an awesome story someday.

Seth started keeping track for most of the early part of the season, DGS liked the idea so much that he joined the cause in November. Now; Hartnell down rests at 115 with about 2 months to go in the season.

So with that; DGS will be meeting with Jody Shelley to discuss this. We are worried that Matt from DGS will be maimed, but never fear. If that happens, Amy and PhillyGirl1437 can take care of writing this site.

One day soon; Seth and I will meet Jody Shelley and hopefully...Seth and I will live to tell about it.

(Editor's Note: If not, make it Matt's last will and testament that all of property be donated to charity.)

An Open Letter: Sean Avery

(Editor's Note: This post isn't about comedy; it's about doing the right thing for society, the NHL and just being a positive force in the universe. Comedy will return, but we had to get this off our chests.)

Dear Sean Avery,

Recently you said that you would stand by any NHL player who wanted to come out as being gay. We here at Down Goes Spezza Media would like to support you. We're of the belief that gay rights need to be protected and supported. We were very pleased that Brent Sopel took the Cup to a Gay Pride Parade. We were hugely supportive of that move, just as we are with you. Sean, we agree with you and would like to inform you that we will no longer boo you during pregame intros. We will still boo your on-ice antics, but we are going to be more supportive of your off ice persona.

We here at DGS can guarantee that we would stand up with you if you stood by any gay NHL player. One of the DGS Writers: Amy D. is proud to come out to everyone who read this site, she's gay.  Amy has hoped that gay athletes will one day be able to be open about themselves while they are actively playing.

(Editor's Note: Amy's now 23, proudly out since she was 16 she now is in a long term relationship with her partner of 2 years)

But note this; if you're lying, we will have absolutely no respect for you. You will hit Matt Cooke levels of suck. Just saying.

-The Down Goes Spezza Staff

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Matt Cooke's Secrets To Avoiding Suspension

Matt Cooke finally had the bomb dropped on him today getting a 4 game suspension. For a guy with so many dirty hits in his career; he sure escaped justice for a long time. It just so happens that he's run out of excuses to dodge a suspension. that being said; the DGS-SuperSpies obtained a list of Matt Cooke's excuses.

Ways Matt Cooke has avoided suspension:

  • But Colie, Marc's a "little fake artist" he faked the video; I didn't touch him I swear.
  • As I taught Andy Sutton; "you're not an expert"
  • Unlike Daniel Carcillo; I have never played for the Flyers.
  • The Chewbacca Defense
  • Look, none of my issues are sexual in nature, I'm not Avery or Wisniewski
  • Paul Ranger is missing; can you find him?
  • Evander Kane took my head off; no one did a damn thing
  • But I'm the cookie monster! and I give the cookies to Kyle Wellwood

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Week 5

Dearest Glove -

It was a bit of a bi-polar weekend for the team. Thankfully, I was on the good side of that mood swing (well, mostly anyway).

Friday we played the Syracuse Crunch - dominated them all year - Friday, not so much. Coach started Johan - don't know why he lets that guy play so much. I think he's the coach's pet. Whatever. Four goals in barely a period and a half and Johan was smashing his stick and storming off the ice. So much for my night off. I only gave up one goal, and in fairness to us, there were three people piled up on us. I mean really, doesn't anyone believe in clearing the damn crease? Chris would not stand for this. Elbows would be flying. (Oh, we lost, in case you couldn't tell).

Saturday was much better, despite the six-hour bus ride overnight for a 5PM game the next day. Played against the Hamilton Bulldogs, one of the best in the league. Team made it an easy night for me - scored four goals and I only faced 20 shots, stopping them all. That's right, posted my 30th career shutout in the AHL. Thrilling. Of course the Bulldogs are the affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens, cause you know, I own them. Perhaps coach should start me more. I just might surprise him.

Have I mentioned Bob and Boosh still don't have a shutout this season?

Hugs & Smiles,


Friday, February 4, 2011

DGS Podcast Episode 4: Jen!

This week Jen joins us. We talk NHL History, Habs, Nabokov and play hockey trivia.

Her Twitter: NHLHistoryGirl

As always with the podcast, feel free to email me with any feedback.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who Wants to Win Front Row Tickets to Flyers vs Caps?

(Editor's Note: No humor today, but this is a good cause so have at it folks.)

Do you want to win front row tickets to the Flyers vs Caps on March 22, 2011? Of course you do. Ready to take a gamble? Between now and March 15, 2011, purchase a hat from The Briere Bunch and get a chance to sit in the "Ice Row." Hats are $30 - and even if you don't win, you just bought yourself a hat personally signed by Danny Briere, and helped fight cancer. Really - what are you waiting for - a Flyers shutout? It could be awhile. Open that wallet and get cracking.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lost in Translation: Второе издание

From the Crease of Sergei Bobrovksy

1. Girlfriend + Sex = Goal
2. Dumplings + Parents = No Goal

Next Steps:

1. Dump girlfriend
2. Get visa for parents