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Friday, February 11, 2011

An Open Letter: Sean Avery

(Editor's Note: This post isn't about comedy; it's about doing the right thing for society, the NHL and just being a positive force in the universe. Comedy will return, but we had to get this off our chests.)

Dear Sean Avery,

Recently you said that you would stand by any NHL player who wanted to come out as being gay. We here at Down Goes Spezza Media would like to support you. We're of the belief that gay rights need to be protected and supported. We were very pleased that Brent Sopel took the Cup to a Gay Pride Parade. We were hugely supportive of that move, just as we are with you. Sean, we agree with you and would like to inform you that we will no longer boo you during pregame intros. We will still boo your on-ice antics, but we are going to be more supportive of your off ice persona.

We here at DGS can guarantee that we would stand up with you if you stood by any gay NHL player. One of the DGS Writers: Amy D. is proud to come out to everyone who read this site, she's gay.  Amy has hoped that gay athletes will one day be able to be open about themselves while they are actively playing.

(Editor's Note: Amy's now 23, proudly out since she was 16 she now is in a long term relationship with her partner of 2 years)

But note this; if you're lying, we will have absolutely no respect for you. You will hit Matt Cooke levels of suck. Just saying.

-The Down Goes Spezza Staff

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  1. EXACTLY. I posted on Twitter last week that this was Avery's sole redeeming quality. Glad ya'll wrote about this - and rock on, Amy!