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Friday, February 11, 2011

Jody Shelley and Scott Hartnell want to meet Down Goes Spezza

Yes, you're reading that right. The presence of Down Goes Spezza and SethDH have been requested by Jody Shelley. This is because apparently our usage of the hashtag #HartnellDown has made it to Jody Shelley and Scott Hartnell.

For a quick history of Hartnell Down: I turn to Seth for his words on the topic:

Last year, towards the end of the season and in playoffs, people started noticing how often Hartnell falls. I figured I'd keep track just for fun. I didn't think, at the beginning of the season, he'd hit 100 and now I'm hoping he reaches 200.

He fell 8 times in one game this year. I believe it was the 5-1 win over Pittsburgh in october.

I can't thank you enough for just stepping in and helping make HARTNELL DOWN turn into #Hartnell down.

One last thing, I really hope Jody Shelly doesn't beat us up. Though, if he does, it'll make for an awesome story someday.

Seth started keeping track for most of the early part of the season, DGS liked the idea so much that he joined the cause in November. Now; Hartnell down rests at 115 with about 2 months to go in the season.

So with that; DGS will be meeting with Jody Shelley to discuss this. We are worried that Matt from DGS will be maimed, but never fear. If that happens, Amy and PhillyGirl1437 can take care of writing this site.

One day soon; Seth and I will meet Jody Shelley and hopefully...Seth and I will live to tell about it.

(Editor's Note: If not, make it Matt's last will and testament that all of property be donated to charity.)

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  1. my favorite #HartnellDown was the one that made the Not Top 10 on SportsCenter