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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Special Embarrasing Moment Edition

So, Um, Glove...

Just a quick update today in addition to the usual weekly report. Derian Hatcher was at practice today. You know, used to play defense for the Flyers. Was slow as hell before having a total knee replacement. Yeah - that guy.

He decided to take a penalty shot on me and well, um, he scored. No really, just waltzed right up and stuffed it thru the 5-hole. I tried to play it off like I was just playing around and wasn't taking the whole thing seriously. I was totally taken aback by the burst of speed he came at me with - I mean, where did that come from? Who knew he could still move like that. The bionic knee must be doing wonders for him.

So yeah, to summarize - my 5-hole, pretty much open to all parties 24/7. Sigh.

Hugs & Sheepish Faces


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