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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Week 5

Dearest Glove -

It was a bit of a bi-polar weekend for the team. Thankfully, I was on the good side of that mood swing (well, mostly anyway).

Friday we played the Syracuse Crunch - dominated them all year - Friday, not so much. Coach started Johan - don't know why he lets that guy play so much. I think he's the coach's pet. Whatever. Four goals in barely a period and a half and Johan was smashing his stick and storming off the ice. So much for my night off. I only gave up one goal, and in fairness to us, there were three people piled up on us. I mean really, doesn't anyone believe in clearing the damn crease? Chris would not stand for this. Elbows would be flying. (Oh, we lost, in case you couldn't tell).

Saturday was much better, despite the six-hour bus ride overnight for a 5PM game the next day. Played against the Hamilton Bulldogs, one of the best in the league. Team made it an easy night for me - scored four goals and I only faced 20 shots, stopping them all. That's right, posted my 30th career shutout in the AHL. Thrilling. Of course the Bulldogs are the affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens, cause you know, I own them. Perhaps coach should start me more. I just might surprise him.

Have I mentioned Bob and Boosh still don't have a shutout this season?

Hugs & Smiles,


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