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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hartnell Down: Defining the Terms

As you all know last year, we tracked Hartnell Down. Well, once again, we're doing it. So, here's how it's gonna work.

What is a Hartnell Down?
Scott Hartnell falls, a lot. Often for no reason. We like to keep track of #HartnellDown.

Who started Hartnell Down.
That would be @SethDH from twitter. I just market this.

How does a Hartnell Down happen?
HartnellDown is defined as a moment where something OTHER than Scott's skates or stick are on the ice and attached to his body. For instance if Scott puts a gloved hand on the ice, he's down but if Scott tosses his gloves to fight, he's not down until he inevitably ends up flat on his back during said fight. If Scott drops to a knee in order to slow down to deliver a one-time shot, a judgment call will be made by DGS or SethDH to determine whether or not it counted. 

Why does Hartnell fall?
Does it matter? It's funny. Usually. Especially during goal celebrations.

Now for some fun.

1. Place guesses on how many falls Hartnell will have this season (he averaged just under 3 per game last season).

2. Guess the amount of falls in his highest game. Last year, against Atlanta, Scott fell 12 times for a season high. The Thrashers may be gone, but I guarantee Hartnell is still falling.

3. Tell us how many times Hartnell will go fall free in a game he plays in. If I recall correctly, he went fall free in about 6 games last season. Will he top that?

Prizes to be determined at the end of the season, most likely some sort of shoutout on the blog.


  1. 259 falls.

    13 in one game.

    11 games with no falls.

  2. are we including playoffs, because that could be huge, he seems to spend more time swimming then skating

  3. 147 falls

    9 in 1 game

    14 no fall games

    he HAS to have worked on his balance this offseason right?

  4. @Main: this is regular season only, we'll restart the predictions come playoff time (if the Flyers make it)

    Note: Last time I assumed the Flyers would just make the playoffs 06-07 happened.

  5. Funny stuff. Is this what the t-shirts are about too then?