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Monday, May 31, 2010

Game 2 Stanley Cup Finals: Flyers @ Blackhawks DGS Live Blog Edition

Hey everyone: DGS is live blogging this one so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Also, click Refresh frequently to make sure you see the latest from DGS.

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7:55pm: Showered, dressed, ready to go! Flyers lineup should be as follows

Up Front
Carcillo 13-Richards 18 (C)-Carter 17
Hartnell 19-Briere 48-Leino 22
Gagne 12-Giroux 28-Asham 45
Laperriere 14-Betts 11-Powe 36

Defense Pairs
Pronger 20 (A)-Carle 25
Timonen 44 (A)-Coburn 5
Bartulis 3-Krajicek 2

Michael Leighton 49- in Net
Brian Boucher 33- waiting in the wings

8:02pm Pierre McGuire appears on my television, he opens his mouth and I instantly want to kill him.

8:04pm My pick for the Flyers leader tonight: Mike Richards, just got a feeling he's due for a big game

8:10pm Jeremy Roenick could stick Millbury and McGuire...and put them out....will we be that lucky?

8:58pm Leighton saves us!

9:00pm First intermission. Someone send the refs for pregnancy tests cuz they sure missed a period.

9:13pm Did I mention Pierre McGuire annoys the hell out of me?

9:19pm Finally the 2nd period begins...

9:42pm Leighton scares me for the first time...but he saved us anyway.

9:47pm Asham gets stoned by Niemi, seriously...what happened to the failures of Finnish goalies


10:01pm Second period over...hoping for change

10:24pm Simon says: FLYERS GET ONE BACK!!!!!

10:42pm This surge is stronger than Katrina on New Orleans...

10:56pm and it's over...FML

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 Review

It is not the end of the world. DGS can tell you that

  • Brian Boucher was the best goalie out there tonight, both in Save Percentage and GAA.
  • The Flyers can keep Dustin Byfuglien off the score sheet
  • Marian Hossa might win?
  • The Flyers have come back from worse
  • This game was close the whole time
  • Roy Halladay was perfect
  • Niemi is very beatable
  • That vaunted Hawks D can be penetrated
  • Gary Bettman ruined hockey, again

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stanley Cup Finals Preview: Flyers and Blackhawks

With the Finals approaching, and my Flyers still alive in the hunt for a chance to hoist delicious cake, I mean the Stanley Cup. In a slight change of pace, we will only discuss the pros and cons of each team separately rather than in point/counterpoint format. Why am I changing the rules, because the NHL will probably change rules as well to screw the Flyers this series. Fuck you, Bettman.


Pro: Have 2 goalies each with 6 wins this postseason and have the best GAA and Save % out there.

Pro: Did not sign Marion Hossa this offseason

Pro: Made the best trade of the year sending Ole Kristian Tollefsen to the Red Wings for Ville Leino. Read that again, a part time, injury prone 8th D-man for a near point per playoff game dynamic dangling top 6 left winger,

Pro: Oh bloody hell, just read the 7 signs that the Flyers will win the cup this year .

Con: Have limited experience in winning.

Con: May be burned out from upsetting too many favorites

Con: May be out of perfectly timed time outs.


Pro: Have dynamic forwards Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Dustin Byfuglien and Patrick Sharp who are capable of scoring a big goal when needed.

Pro: Goalie Annti Niemi can swallow up any puck in his crease. [Warning: Puck may never be seen again]

Pro: Have a great D-Corp with guys like Seabrook, Keith, and Campbell

Con: Have a contract that puts Marion Hossa on the ice for them

Con: Campbell lacks a collarbone, Keith has no teeth

Con: Niemi's a rookie, and rookie goalies don't win

Con: They're out Pizza Crawling

Con: Patrick Kane's in such epic shape...NOT!

Analysis: Flyers in 6, and that's the bottom line, cuz DGS said so!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Review of the Conference Finals

Western Conference Finals:


DGS Said: Hawks in 6

Last Inquiry on the Series: Have the Sharks choked enough yet?

The Verdict: Hawks swept, which I guess means that our idea of a Sharks epic choke was to be fulfilled.

Eastern Conference Finals:


DGS Said: Flyers in 6

Last Inquiry on the Series: Have the riots on Montreal stopped yet?

The Verdict: Flyers in 5...hey what do you know I got them both right in terms of results, just off in the games.

Later this week, I'll have a post previewing the Stanley Cup Finals. Humor and such to follow.


Monday, May 24, 2010

35 Coincidences Regarding the number 35

Yes, you read right. The Number 35 has been coming up quite a bit for the Flyers this year. Just to prove it here are the 35 coincidences involving the number 35 this year for the Flyers.

1. Flyers top 2 centers Jeff Carter, 17 and Mike Richards, 18 have numbers that add up to 35

2. Jeff Carter was taken 11th overall in the NHL draft, Richards, 24th overall, 11+24=35

3. Sebastian Caron and Jeremy Duchesne both wore #35 at times this year, 2 different players both dressing with #35

4. The Flyers came back from being down 3-0 in a series to win it, the last time that happened, 35 years earlier in 1975

5. The Flyers last Stanley Cup win was in 1975, see 35 years ago yet again.

6. Flyers season team MVP was Chris Pronger, he's 35 years old

7. The Flyers top D-pairing on the PP unit is Chris Pronger and Kimmo Timonen, both are 35

8. In November, 2009 Ian Laperriere took 105 stitches to the face after being hit by a puck, 35x3=105

9. In April, 2010, Ian Laperriere needed 70 stitches to close up yet another shot block wound, 35x2=70

10. Flyers top rookie James van Riemsdyk finished the regular season with 35 points

11. When Mike Leighton relieved Brian Boucher due to Bouch's injury against Boston, Leighton played 35 minutes

12. So far in the playoffs, Mike Richards, the top scoring forward has 21pts and Chris Pronger, the top scoring D-man has 14pts, 21+14=35

13. In 17 games to get to the Finals, the Flyers have allowed 35 goals.

14. Lord Stanley's Cup weighs 35 lbs.

15. The Flyers own the NHL record for consecutive games without a loss, 35 games in 1980.

16. The Flyers lost 35 regular season games this season.

17. The Flyers dressed 35 different combinations of forwards during the regular season.

18. The Flyers dressed 35 different players this season, 28 skaters, 7 goalies.

19. So far in the playoffs, the Flyers have only 3 players with 10+ assists, Richards, 15, Pronger, 10, Carle 10, 15+10+10=35

20. So far Mike Leighton has faced 210 shots in net, 35x6=210

21. Ville Leino's line since coming in for the injured Jeff Carter:

13GP 12P +4 6PIMS 13+12+4+6=35

22. Simon Gagne, the longest tenured Flyer, has 35 shots on goal so far this postseason

23. The Flyers got 35 regular season goals from the Defense position, 32 by D-man, 3 PPGs by Richards in a defenseman's spot on the powerplay

24. Michael Leighton has played 35 [Regular season and playoffs] games for the Flyers since being claimed on Waivers in December.

25. Michael Leighton debuted this season in Flyers game #35

26. 35 is a multiple of 7: Ian Laperriere, 14, JvR, 21 Claude Giroux 28, Jared Ross 42, Ryan Parent 77 all are skaters who wear numbers that are multiples of 7, there are 5 of them, 7x5=35

27. Mike Richards won the Toyota Cup for the Flyers, he had 35 first place points in that.

28. In getting the Flyers to the cup, maligned forward Scott Hartnell had 3 goals and 5 assists, 3/5.....35

29. Hartnell also had 20 shots and 15PIMs 20+15=35

30. 35 is also a multiple of 5: Coburn 5, Nodl 15, Pronger 20, Carle 25, Backlund 30, Duchesne 35 Asham, 45 are all on the playoff roster, 7 players with a multiple of 5 on their number. 5x7=35

31. Lukas Krajicek finished the season with 35 PIMs

32. Chris Pronger/Kimmo Timonen both take 35 shifts a game

33. Matt Carle was voted the most improved Flyer on the team, he had 35pts this season

34. In the finals, Ville Leino 22, will replace Dan Carcillo 13, on the top line, 22+13=35

35. There are 35 facts on this list.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Other Michael Leighton Accomplishments, warning NSFW

Wow! Just wow! No, seriously WOW!!!!

Who is this guy? Who is Michael Leighton?

Do you know who Michael Leighton is?

The insane minds of DGS do, and we are going to share important Michael Leighton exploits with you.

1. Michael Leighton counted to infinity, twice

2. Michael Leighton does not check his closet for monsters, monsters check their closets for Michael Leighton

3. Only the good Lord, and possibly Bernie Parent, can save more than Michael Leighton

4. Michael Leighton can touch MC Hammer.

5. Michael Leighton does NOT stop pucks, he just scares them into not crossing the goal line.

6. Michael Leighton's icy blue eyes are in fact made of ice.

7. When Bruce Banner gets angry, he turns into the Hulk, when the Hulk gets angry, he turns into Chuck Norris, when Chuck Norris gets angry, he turns into Michael Leighton

8. Michael Leighton wins staring contests with statues.

9. Wilt Chamberlain once claimed to slept with 10,000 in his lifetime, Michael Leighton calls this a Tuesday morning coffee break.

10. Michael Leighton can make Kyle Wellwood lose weight, he just hasn't tried.

11. Michael Leighton's tears cure cancer, sadly, Michael Leighton has never cried.

12. There is no theory of evolution, only a list of creatures that Michael Leighton allows to live.

13. What is 2+2? Answer: Michael Leighton

14. Michael Leighton knows where both Pi and E end.
[Note: He tried to tell us, but Kyle Wellwood ate the paper with the proof...something about wanting more pie...]

15. Michael Leighton can divide by zero.

16. Michael Leighton smells what the Rock is cooking.

17. Michael Leighton wouldn't trade Vinny.

18. Michael Leighton is the guy who actually knocked out Brown and Spezza.

19. Michael Leighton will change the questions when you think you know the answers.

20. Michael Leighton can "get" Stephane Auger.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Caption Contest 4

In Honor of the Flyers taking a 2-0 lead earlier tonight, DGS posts up another caption contest!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hockey Dictionary For Dummies

So, last Friday I got called a "Puck Bunny" in a totally hilarious gaffe by our friends at Don't Trade Vinny. He then posted a series of other misused hockey terms. We here at Down Goes Spezza noticed that his list was somewhat incomplete and in the interest of public knowledge, we have decided it best to include some other highly misused terms in hockey.

"Back to [player name] at point position"

Implied Meaning: Phrase used by Versus/Washington Caps television announcer Joe Beninati to explain a puck that has been passed back to a D-man on the Blue Line

Actual Meaning: In a stroke of luck, Beninati actually sounds intelligent when he says this because normally he sounds like a guy who knows nothing about hockey. In all fairness, he doesn't realize that he is getting this right, and is probably attempting to say "the puck is passed back to the player that I'm pointing to" but screws it up like he does everything hockey related.

"Flyers Starting Goaltender"

Implied Meaning: The goalie in net for the Philadelphia Flyers

Actual Meaning: Some guy who doesn't need crutches and hasn't had an MRI in the last 2 weeks.

"Flyers Backup Goaltender"

Implied Meaning: The goalie on the bench for the Philadelphia Flyers

Actual Meaning: An anonymous face that's about to get 45 minutes of NHL time when the guy ahead of him gets hurt. Also, more people have held this title then heads taken off by Matt Cooke.

"Ian Laperriere has a broken face"

Implied Meaning: That Lappy is hurt and unable to play.

Actual Meaning: Lappy blocked a shot, but he is good to go.

"Non-Successful Southern Expansion"

Implied Meaning: The idea that hockey would work in places like Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami or LA.

Actual Meaning: Ask Sami Salo.

"Happy Habs Fans"

Implied Meaning: Fans of the Montreal Canadiens are joyful because of a win.

Actual Meaning: Break out the riot gear, there will be flaming cars and debris everywhere in downtown Montreal.

"John Ferguson Jr's GM Skills"

Implied Meaning: John Ferguson Jr. made a decision while GM that helped the team he was employed for.

Actual Meaning: The secret of the Bruins that allowed them to last in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs until the second round.

"Toronto Maple Leafs 1st Round Draft Pick"

Implied Meaning: The pick the Leafs will have in this years NHL Entry Draft

Actual Meaning: PHIILL KEESSSSEELLLL!!!!!!

"Brodeur's Pads"

Implied Meaning: The goalie equipment of the NJ Devils netminder, Martin Brodeur.

Actual Meaning: The buildup of last weeks trip to the buffet line

Sunday, May 16, 2010

NHL Conference Finals Previews

Since Down Goes Spezza seems to have a mind crazy enough to work in these playoffs. We, the DGS brains, have decided that we are going to sort out this mess

Up first, we have the Western Conference Finals

#2 Chicago and #1 San Jose

San Jose Sharks

Pro: Have dynamic forwards such as Thornton, Heatley, Setoguchi and Marleau who can take over a game and own it.
Con: All of whom are due for their annual postseason choke job.

Pro: Have an experienced goalie in Evgeni Nabokov who played for Team Russia in the Olympics.
Con: And when the going got tough, he choked like the rest of the Sharks

This year's NHL playoff theme is "History will be made" which is possibly a sign that the Sharks will not choke for a change.
Con: This year's NHL playoff theme is "History will be made" which is possibly a sign that the Sharks will choke in a way so epic that the Bruins won't be remembered as the biggest chokers in 2010.

Chicago Black Hawks

Have a really versatile player in Dustin Byfuglien who can turn around a game as a shut down defense-man or power forward
Con: May be unable to actually get to the games because of his role in the pizza crawl.

Have a great set of defense-man such as Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook and Brian Campbell.
Con: It's also possible that Brian Campbell's lack of a collarbone could be a problem.

Goalie Antti Niemmi has a habit of swallowing pucks and keeping them out of the net.
Con: Of course, sometimes he also loses them altogether.


Real simple, Sharks choke, and Hawks in 6

#7 Flyers and #8 Canadiens


Totally own the size advantage over them midget Habs forwards
Con: Totally might have issues getting a puck past Halak.

Will get a momentum lift by getting Jeff Carter back from injury.
Con: Per league rules, will have a goaltender go down to injury as well.

Mike Leighton is amazing
Con: Mike Leighton has never been this far in the postseason before.


Have a set of skilled forwards who can turn a game around.
Con: They're still tiny!

Halak is an amazing goalie on a Cinderella run.
Con: Look how it turned out for him in the Olympics

Have shut down Ovechkin and Crosby and Malkin, the 3 best players in the league offensively.
Con: Never had to stop an attack as balanced as the Flyers.


The Flyers are far too balanced to get downed by the Habs, Flyers in 6. Montreal still riots anyway.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh my God!!!!

Guess what? They did it!

So, walking from the end of game 3, when the Orange and Black were down 3-0 in the series, I will post a timeline of important events from game until now.

Game 3: Well FML! Grats to Boston

Game 4: Thank God it wasn't a sweep

Game 5: Ok guys, thanks for teasing me

Game 6: Holy Shit! we might actually do it

Day before Game 7: FML, I'm single again...



Thursday, May 13, 2010

Game 7 Preview: Flyers at Bruins

Two weeks ago, when this series started, I was fairly confident I would be writing this post.

One week ago, when the Flyers were down 3-0, I was ready to toss this post in the garbage.

Now, I have to write it.

Flyers at Bruins game 7, and Down Goes Spezza has all you need to know to pick a winner.

The DGS minds were 50/50 in round one game sevens...we already picked a winner in round 2, the odds are against us, but we will not back down, we will not quit.

DGS is so nervous, that humor may be hard to embrace for this post, but I will try anyway.


Pro: Have Mike Leighton, statistically the Flyers best goalie during the season, in net for game 7
Con: Should Leighton go down, the next 2 goalies on the Flyers depth chart have about 55 minutes of NHL experience

Pro: Ville Leino is finally playing as advertised when the Flyers got him, BTW, thanks Red Wings Fans!
Con: Ville Leino sure seemed a little uneasy about scoring on countryman and friend, Tuukka Rask.

Pro: Dan Carcillo hasn't taken any dumb penalties this series, or post season for that matter.
Con: NHL record in PIMs...


Pro: Only 3 teams in sports history have come back from being down 3-0
Con: The pattern of hockey for teams that came back from 0-3 to force a game 7 is lose-win-lose-win-lose...

Pro: Last time an 0-3 became a 3-3 involving a Boston sports team the Boston team came out on top
Con: Last time an 0-3 became a 3-3 involving a Boston sports team the 0-3 team won the series

Pro: Can take solace in the fact that Tim Thomas is available if Rask should need to be lifted.
Con: Rask is rustier than an old lead pipe.

-Final Analysis-

It's in Boston, but I like my team and their chances: Flyers 3, Boston 2

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Round 2 Habs at Pens Game 7 Preview

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, the Blogosphere proudly brings to you, it's Best Game 7 Prediction Formula in the WORLD! The Insane One, his lovely girlfriend, they are DOWN GOES SPEZZA! And if you are not, down with that...


Anyway, we have another Game 7 coming up tomorrow, and we here at Down Goes Spezza have predictions and analysis as only we can deliver.

Montreal at Pittsburgh

Same formula as before, Pros and Cons for each team followed by a prediction.


Pro: Gave one of the 2 Hot 2 Handle AO sticks to Michael Cammalleri which allowed him to light up the Penguins this post-season.
Con: Stick may have been used to start bonfires in post game 6 riots.

Pro: Maxim Lapierre puts a new meaning in the term hometown hero.
Con: Maxim Lapierre may have dove too far down to help again.

Pro: Jaroslav Halak is a solid goalie bringing his total underdog team ever closer to the promised land.
Con: Look how it turned out for him in the Olympics.


Con: Have a roster stacked with top 5 draft picks stockpiled from a tank job in the early 2000s
Con: May need to restock roster with more top 5 draft picks from a tank job to begin the new decade.

Pro: Sidney Crosby recently found his lost scoring touch which helped keep the Pens competitive in Game 6
Con: Sidney Crosby has a habit of punching guys down under which could lead to Hal Gill removing Crosby from the game.

Pro: Are the top seeded team remaining in the east.
Con: We saw how top seeded Washington fared in the first round.


I think it's safe to say that Halak has one more miracle in him before choking out in the next series. I'll even put a score down for this one: Habs 3 Pens 2 in OT.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Behind the Scenes: The Truth In the Flyers plans for Game 5

My wonderful DGS Spies uncovered some interesting facts about Game 5 between the Flyers and Bruins, tonight at 7pm EDT in Boston. In order to take away some of the surprises, we have decided to post them up for you to see.

  • The Flyers have elected to hold out Dan Carcillo due to injury. Apparently his whole idea of mind over matter became so powerful, that he actually got hurt from a non-existent hit.
  • The Flyers will have Mike Leighton as the backup goaltender tonight, while it's much of a secret, it does help the Flyers chances of winning because the team can look to the bench and see a new face sitting in the backup goaltender's spot.
  • Marc Savard finally cleared up the supposed threat spoken by Mike Richards during that scrum, Richards did not threaten to injure Savard keeping him out for 6 more weeks. He merely stated that Savard would be taking a 6 week vacation after the Flyers come back to win the series in 7.
  • Continued practicing the super secret technique of playing Simon Says against the Bruins, basically "Simon Says GO FLYERS!"
  • The Flyers have hopefully switched Tuukka Rask for another famous...rather, infamous Finnish goaltender, the one, the only, Vesa Toskala
  • And to be safe, have made sure that the Bruins have another Flyers bench warmer on their bench as well, that's right, Jeremy Duchesne is gonna replace Tim Thomas

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Caption Contest 3

Simon Says: Let there be game 5

Simon Also Says: This post is another caption contest.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Caption Contest 2

Good afternoon DGS readers. Caption Contest #2 is up today, have some fun, cheer me up since it seems my team is dead in the water.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Signs Your Team Is Not Going to Make It Out of the Second Round

A lot of office pools were destroyed by the shocking upsets in the first round. Luckily, the brilliant, if not insane, minds here at Down Goes Spezza have some idea of what’s going on. Hey, we went 50/50 on the game 7 picks in the first round, and we had the Habs over the Capitals so that shows that we know our stuff, or possibly that we got entirely lucky. Anyway, here is our list of signs that your team is going to lose in the second round.

1. Your goalie is choking faster and more violently than Joe Thornton.

2. You’re pretty sure that your 3rd line is now a bunch of AHL guys

3. Your best goaltenders are injured.

4. Eklund just reported that your team will win the series

5. Maxim Lapierre just dove to draw a penalty during the post-series handshake.

6. Your captain is ready for a round 3 matchup against the media

7. The biggest victory in sports in your town involved a taser

8. Your top center took a bite out of Danny Carcillo and didn’t choke.

9. When the coach was asked if injured star players could return to help out he replied “help out with what?”

10. You are facing a team who has the defending Vezina Trophy winner glued to the bench.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why Dan Carcillo No Longer Kicks Ass

Dan Carcillo no longer kicks ass. There I said it. I will say it again just to prove that I have some intent of being serious. Dan Carcillo no longer kicks ass.

I have no problem with Carcillo attempting to draw penalties on the other team, I have no problems with him playing physical, getting involved and grinding it out all for the benefit of the team.

I have a problem with embellishment, I have a problem with diving.

The Wachovia Center is a no diving zone, just ask any Flyers fan about Sidney Crosby and you will learn that.

But, Dan Carcillo is just turning into someone, someone we all know and love...err hate, very much, and that someone is Sean Avery.

That's right, Dan Carcillo is now officially in Sean Avery territory....if you take out the whole making off color comments about women and possible racism and hatred of French-Canadians which we haven't seen from Carcillo just yet.

But that's OK because we here at Down Goes Spezza have an idea. See, Carcillo is an RFA at the end of the season, and that means, that he no longer needs to be a problem. Arron Asham is perfectly capable holding his own in fights and the Flyers can go out and get another Ian Laperriere type guy who can kill penalties and be physical.

If Carcillo is gone, it would be a positive for the Flyers, if he stays, hey, maybe this whole diving like Crosby thing can work out in our favor too, this could be a win-win. I hate divers, and that is why Carcillo no longer kicks ass.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Consolation Prizes for Teams Eliminated in the First Round

So with Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs having begun, many people wonder what the teams who were eliminated are up to. Well, guess what, we here at Down Goes Spezza know what's going on.

For instance some players/teams/coaches have big plans for the offseason. So, for your benefit, here are the big offseason plans of those eliminated in the first round.

Chris Durno: Now can find a way to end up on the Maple Leafs so Down Goes Brown’s Durno dreams can be complete.

Phoenix Coyotes: Are now free to decide where they should move to.

Ilya Kovalchuk: Has plenty of time to mull over the cost/benefit analysis of playing in the KHL

Martin Brodeur: Might actually have time to engage in an offseason conditioning plan, this is helped by the fact that Kyle Wellwood is still playing and therefore Brodeur doesn't have a bueffet buddy. Wait, that means Brodeur is alone in the all you can eat line...

Ottawa Senators: Have plenty of time to keep an eye out for coaches in need of a job for the invariable firing of Cory Clouston 3 weeks into next season, to help them, both John Stevens and Rick Tocchet are available. In related news, whichever guy doesn’t get hired can be the coach 10 weeks into next season when the Senators change coaches again.

Jose Theodore/Peter Budaj: Can be well rested for next year when one becomes the next Flyers starting goalie. By the way guys, the position is cursed, injuries happen.

Mike Green: Lots of time to possibly learn how to play defense, or if that fails, can fall back into acting career.

Alex Ovechkin: Can use the free time to continue to work on his tryout for the Washington Nationals

Alexander Semin: Maybe can actually do something so this way I can make fun of him

Brooks Laich: Can open up a successful tire changing business

Yann Danis: Wait a minute, I think he’s still glued to the bench, has someone told him the season’s over yet?

Washington Capitals Fans: Can hide the biggest weakness of themselves, the fact that they don’t actually know anything about hockey.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why Losing Game 1 is NOT the end of the world

Real simple idea behind this post. It's some reasons why losing game 1 was not the end of the world for the Flyers. I don't intend to have any wit or sarcasm in this post, but hey, things happen and maybe something funny will pop up.

1. After being out of it for 8 days the Flyers showed a lot of rust early on, that should come off as the series goes on.

2. The Flyers proved that Rask is beatable. Rask isn't as inhuman as some make him out to be, in related news, the guy who drafted this guy is a genius. (whoops, I meant JFJ is a moron for trading him.)

3. Dan Carcillo can stay in control of himself and play solidly.

4. The Powe/Betts/Nodl line has a lot of potential as checkers.

Things that the Flyers need to win:

1. Brian Boucher needs to not dip into one of his cold streaks.

2. The Flyers need to win faceoffs

3. The Flyers need to keep traffic in front of Rask

4. While I don't wish injuries on anyone, the Flyers need to take advantage of the lack of Sobotka, and Sturm and get to Boston in Game 2.

5. Richards/Pronger need to rally the troops and keep the team unified.

6. Danny Briere needs to be more responsible in the defensive zone, I'm not asking for Selke award winning stuff, but he needs to be in the right place at the right time.