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Monday, May 10, 2010

Behind the Scenes: The Truth In the Flyers plans for Game 5

My wonderful DGS Spies uncovered some interesting facts about Game 5 between the Flyers and Bruins, tonight at 7pm EDT in Boston. In order to take away some of the surprises, we have decided to post them up for you to see.

  • The Flyers have elected to hold out Dan Carcillo due to injury. Apparently his whole idea of mind over matter became so powerful, that he actually got hurt from a non-existent hit.
  • The Flyers will have Mike Leighton as the backup goaltender tonight, while it's much of a secret, it does help the Flyers chances of winning because the team can look to the bench and see a new face sitting in the backup goaltender's spot.
  • Marc Savard finally cleared up the supposed threat spoken by Mike Richards during that scrum, Richards did not threaten to injure Savard keeping him out for 6 more weeks. He merely stated that Savard would be taking a 6 week vacation after the Flyers come back to win the series in 7.
  • Continued practicing the super secret technique of playing Simon Says against the Bruins, basically "Simon Says GO FLYERS!"
  • The Flyers have hopefully switched Tuukka Rask for another famous...rather, infamous Finnish goaltender, the one, the only, Vesa Toskala
  • And to be safe, have made sure that the Bruins have another Flyers bench warmer on their bench as well, that's right, Jeremy Duchesne is gonna replace Tim Thomas

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