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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Other Michael Leighton Accomplishments, warning NSFW

Wow! Just wow! No, seriously WOW!!!!

Who is this guy? Who is Michael Leighton?

Do you know who Michael Leighton is?

The insane minds of DGS do, and we are going to share important Michael Leighton exploits with you.

1. Michael Leighton counted to infinity, twice

2. Michael Leighton does not check his closet for monsters, monsters check their closets for Michael Leighton

3. Only the good Lord, and possibly Bernie Parent, can save more than Michael Leighton

4. Michael Leighton can touch MC Hammer.

5. Michael Leighton does NOT stop pucks, he just scares them into not crossing the goal line.

6. Michael Leighton's icy blue eyes are in fact made of ice.

7. When Bruce Banner gets angry, he turns into the Hulk, when the Hulk gets angry, he turns into Chuck Norris, when Chuck Norris gets angry, he turns into Michael Leighton

8. Michael Leighton wins staring contests with statues.

9. Wilt Chamberlain once claimed to slept with 10,000 in his lifetime, Michael Leighton calls this a Tuesday morning coffee break.

10. Michael Leighton can make Kyle Wellwood lose weight, he just hasn't tried.

11. Michael Leighton's tears cure cancer, sadly, Michael Leighton has never cried.

12. There is no theory of evolution, only a list of creatures that Michael Leighton allows to live.

13. What is 2+2? Answer: Michael Leighton

14. Michael Leighton knows where both Pi and E end.
[Note: He tried to tell us, but Kyle Wellwood ate the paper with the proof...something about wanting more pie...]

15. Michael Leighton can divide by zero.

16. Michael Leighton smells what the Rock is cooking.

17. Michael Leighton wouldn't trade Vinny.

18. Michael Leighton is the guy who actually knocked out Brown and Spezza.

19. Michael Leighton will change the questions when you think you know the answers.

20. Michael Leighton can "get" Stephane Auger.


  1. im surprised this list doesn't go up to 35 ;P

  2. oookay. so coming from a semi-regular blog reader.. i just have something to say.
    firstly, i would like to know where you came up with this brilliant idea for a post. LOL JK you stole it from WWEh? and not even just like, 'oh this is a great idea for a post, i'll do something similar'.
    no. absolutely not. it was more like a 'wow, this is gold.. i'm gunna copy and paste and hope nobody noticesss..'
    you didnt even just pick another player, you picked a goalie? hmm.. suspicious.
    At least four of the points on here are word for word from the list that he, and his readers created. well, except instead of howard, you used leighton. good job. you almost snuck it by us.
    now, i'm not even someone who reads, writes or analyses blogs on a regular basis.. (cuz i know there are many of you talented people out there!) i'm just an occassional reader, and I caught this. that's horrible. keep it classy. write your own shit