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Monday, May 31, 2010

Game 2 Stanley Cup Finals: Flyers @ Blackhawks DGS Live Blog Edition

Hey everyone: DGS is live blogging this one so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Also, click Refresh frequently to make sure you see the latest from DGS.

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7:55pm: Showered, dressed, ready to go! Flyers lineup should be as follows

Up Front
Carcillo 13-Richards 18 (C)-Carter 17
Hartnell 19-Briere 48-Leino 22
Gagne 12-Giroux 28-Asham 45
Laperriere 14-Betts 11-Powe 36

Defense Pairs
Pronger 20 (A)-Carle 25
Timonen 44 (A)-Coburn 5
Bartulis 3-Krajicek 2

Michael Leighton 49- in Net
Brian Boucher 33- waiting in the wings

8:02pm Pierre McGuire appears on my television, he opens his mouth and I instantly want to kill him.

8:04pm My pick for the Flyers leader tonight: Mike Richards, just got a feeling he's due for a big game

8:10pm Jeremy Roenick could stick Millbury and McGuire...and put them out....will we be that lucky?

8:58pm Leighton saves us!

9:00pm First intermission. Someone send the refs for pregnancy tests cuz they sure missed a period.

9:13pm Did I mention Pierre McGuire annoys the hell out of me?

9:19pm Finally the 2nd period begins...

9:42pm Leighton scares me for the first time...but he saved us anyway.

9:47pm Asham gets stoned by Niemi, seriously...what happened to the failures of Finnish goalies


10:01pm Second period over...hoping for change

10:24pm Simon says: FLYERS GET ONE BACK!!!!!

10:42pm This surge is stronger than Katrina on New Orleans...

10:56pm and it's over...FML

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