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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why Dan Carcillo No Longer Kicks Ass

Dan Carcillo no longer kicks ass. There I said it. I will say it again just to prove that I have some intent of being serious. Dan Carcillo no longer kicks ass.

I have no problem with Carcillo attempting to draw penalties on the other team, I have no problems with him playing physical, getting involved and grinding it out all for the benefit of the team.

I have a problem with embellishment, I have a problem with diving.

The Wachovia Center is a no diving zone, just ask any Flyers fan about Sidney Crosby and you will learn that.

But, Dan Carcillo is just turning into someone, someone we all know and love...err hate, very much, and that someone is Sean Avery.

That's right, Dan Carcillo is now officially in Sean Avery territory....if you take out the whole making off color comments about women and possible racism and hatred of French-Canadians which we haven't seen from Carcillo just yet.

But that's OK because we here at Down Goes Spezza have an idea. See, Carcillo is an RFA at the end of the season, and that means, that he no longer needs to be a problem. Arron Asham is perfectly capable holding his own in fights and the Flyers can go out and get another Ian Laperriere type guy who can kill penalties and be physical.

If Carcillo is gone, it would be a positive for the Flyers, if he stays, hey, maybe this whole diving like Crosby thing can work out in our favor too, this could be a win-win. I hate divers, and that is why Carcillo no longer kicks ass.


  1. Hey, 'Diving Like Crosby' sounds like a great blog name. You should sell it to some Penguins fan.

  2. Sounds like a plan, maybe we can put Avery/Crosby/Carcillo on the same line...err..Olympic Medal Podium....TEAM CANADA DIVING! 2012 London