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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Signs Your Team Is Not Going to Make It Out of the Second Round

A lot of office pools were destroyed by the shocking upsets in the first round. Luckily, the brilliant, if not insane, minds here at Down Goes Spezza have some idea of what’s going on. Hey, we went 50/50 on the game 7 picks in the first round, and we had the Habs over the Capitals so that shows that we know our stuff, or possibly that we got entirely lucky. Anyway, here is our list of signs that your team is going to lose in the second round.

1. Your goalie is choking faster and more violently than Joe Thornton.

2. You’re pretty sure that your 3rd line is now a bunch of AHL guys

3. Your best goaltenders are injured.

4. Eklund just reported that your team will win the series

5. Maxim Lapierre just dove to draw a penalty during the post-series handshake.

6. Your captain is ready for a round 3 matchup against the media

7. The biggest victory in sports in your town involved a taser

8. Your top center took a bite out of Danny Carcillo and didn’t choke.

9. When the coach was asked if injured star players could return to help out he replied “help out with what?”

10. You are facing a team who has the defending Vezina Trophy winner glued to the bench.

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