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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Winds of Change are Blowing: NHL Relocations for 2010-11

Like many offseasons, this summer has seen a lot of movement in the NHL, and I don't just mean trades and free agency, which have been oddly quiet. Some of it may be confusing for a casual fan who didn't follow the news as it happened. Luckily we here at DGS have compiled the following guide to help you understand what's been moved around.

  • The Chicago Blackhawks moved the team to Atlanta in the weeks following their Stanley Cup win, this was done in order to hide the Stanley Cup from the Daley Political Machine who would probably try to steal it. In the words of Rod Blagojevich "I got this cup, and it's fucking silver."
  • The Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadiens recently started a joint business venture to do the unthinkable: bring the NHL to Tampa, Florida. This new project, tentatively called "the Tampa Bay Lightning" is made up of Habs and Flyers castoffs like Dominic Moore and Simon Gagne, they'll be coached by the Habs AHL Hamilton Bulldogs coaching staff and are slated to play in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference, Habs owner Mike Leighton has yet to comment on the deal. I wish them the best of luck.
  • A certain GM named Sutter opened up a "Blast from the Past" Museum in Calgary by picking up former Flames like Olli Jokinen. In order to avoid being a one trick pony, Sutter also showcases a list of "Former Maple Leafs" exhibit.
  • Vesa Toskala has been forced to relocate to Finland, but only because the Finns apparently can't kick Finnish citizens out of Finland. However, with the way things are going in Philadelphia, it's safe to assume he's gonna be their starting goalie by December. (GOD HELP US ALL!)
  • In a case of things NOT being moved, the Edmonton Oilers still in fact, play in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Sami Salo recently attempted to move a muscle landing him in the ER again, however, this actually led to him being placed in a padded room to prevent him from hurting himself while performing basic day-to-day tasks. He promptly broke his jaw while attempting to chew his liquid breakfast shake.
  • In order to maximize the summer vacations he has every year, Brian Burke will continue to look to relocate all his draft picks so as to avoid having to take time off from his vacations in order to draft players.
  • Denis Grebeshkov relocated himself to the KHL allowing him to play in his native Russia. Honestly, after spending 2.5 years in Edmonton and then trying to play hockey in Nashville, I'd probably try to do the same thing.
  • Paul Holmgren gave Andrej Meszaros another shot at playing in the NHL after he disappeared for the last 2 years. This is because Holmgren saw what bringing in a bad contract did with the Habs after they took on Scott Gomez's salary, and how the Hawks won a cup with Brian Campbell and CristoLOL Huet on their team. He still has the last laugh as we all know the Rangers are still stuck with Wade Redden.
  • Mike Modano is attempting to relocate himself somewhere, anywhere, he's sure he wants to go, but sadly no one's letting him in when he knocks.
  • Tomas Kaberle has yet to be relocated, but only because of the hypocrisy of Brian Burke, he demands a top-6 forward for him, which means he should have dealt Kaberle to the Flyers for Andrej Meszaros by now, as after checking the Leafs depth chart, I'm pretty sure Mesz could fit in there.
  • Johan Hedberg relocated himself to the easiest NHL job on the planet, backing up Martin Brodeur of the NJ Devils, this job entails only one responsibility, making sure that Lou can't get his hands on any jars of jelly.
  • The Phoenix Coyotes are actively attempting to move the entire team and every trace of it to Winnipeg. As if hockey ever existed there...
  • Mike Green was allegedly relocated to the Capitals defense corps, however, after scouring hours of video, there is no known evidence of Mike Green actually playing defense.
  • Max Talbot relocated himself to be the temporary hot topic of the NHL by calling Alex Ovechkin a "douche". While it is refreshing to see Sidney Crosby on the back burner for 20 seconds, it's hard to understand what the big deal over Talbot stating a well known fact is. Also, inb4 Andy Sutton asks "are you an expert?" Max Talbot better know a douche when he sees one, he plays on a team with Matt Cooke and Sidney Crosby in a league where Gary Bettman is the commissioner.
  • Speaking of people calling people names and getting in the news for it, where the hell did Sean Avery run off to? I haven't heard of him saying anything in over 2 months.
  • Antti Niemi will soon relocate to the KHL after no NHL team pays the 6,250,000 the arbitrator gives him because of Niemi's argument that he DID play better than CristoLOL Huet.
  • Speaking of KHL relocations, Evgeni Nabokov relocated to the KHL because after years of watching Joe Thornton choke at the thought of running into a Chris Pronger elbow during the postseason, Nabby couldn't bear to play a whole season with Chris Pronger's elbows that close to his skull. Honestly, did Holmgren forget to tell him that Keith Ballard is NOT a Flyer?
  • In another story involving non-relocation, the NHL will still be on Versus next year, meaning you probably will never have to worry about seeing its existence.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caption Contest 7

There's one already written on the photo, but come on DGS-ers, give me some love here

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Flyers Goaltending for 2010-2011, or the reason I started pulling my hair out and going grey at age 21

I think the title is self-explanatory. Honestly, this post isn't going to be about what should have been or what I wished had happened (Nabokov starting, Leighton backup, Boucher in AHL, keep Gagne and no Mesz)

But, alas, I am not going to complain about things I have no control over, rather, I am going to look at the cards dealt to the Flyers, and attempt to discuss what will happen with these guys next year. Hopefully the 2010-2011 campaign is not DiPietro-esque. Here we go...

(All stats/info from here)

Name: Johan Backlund
Jersey: #30
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 198lbs
Catches: Left

Forecast: Insert first callup title here when Boucher sucks again, also, he should be the 2011-2012 backup

Name: Sergei Bobrovsky
Jersey: #35
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190lbs

Forecast: The Bob plays up the AHL, and realizes that, in Soviet Russia hockey money comes tax free!!!! This leads to him bolting back to the KHL's version of the Edmonton Oilers and never being heard from again.

Name: Brian Boucher
Jersey: #33
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200lbs

Forecast: Brian goes to the Phantoms, then is promptly traded to Chicago when Niemi wins a $4 millon arbitration case prompting the 'Hawks need to have a goalie who's cap friendly. Boucher then goes out and makes Vesa Toskala look like a reincarnated Georges Vezina

Name:Joacim Eriksson
Jersey: N/A
Height:6' 1"
Weight: 189 lbs

Forecast: Eriksson makes the jump like Backlund, eventually gets a call up because Leighton's late to the puck and Backlund's pulling pucks out of the back of the net too often. Flyers fans promptly cry for Marty Turco to save us.

Name: Jakub Kovar
Jersey: N/A
Height: 6' 0"
Weight 176 lbs

Forecast: His continued inability to win a starting job in the KHL causes him to replace Andrew Raycroft as biggest bust in the goaltending market. By using words like "hype" and "improved version of Toskala" the Flyers are able to send Kovar, Shelley and Meszaros to the Calgary Flames for Miika Kipprusoff at the trade deadline.

Name: Michael Leighton
Jersey: #49
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 186

Forecast: Holds down the starter's role until relief in the form of a real NHL starter shows up, becomes solid backup. Cries when Flyers hoist 2011 Stanley Cup. Becomes responsible for big IN YOUR F-ING FACE MOMENT when he calmly stops a Gagne wrist shot, Vinny rebound and Stamkos wrap-around during game 7 of the EC finals against the Bolts, hilarity ensues with Andrej Meszaros then fires a 197 foot foot clear that Toskala's Dan Ellis at the other end, Flyers go onto the Finals.

Name: Adam Morrison
Jersey: #73
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 166 lbs

Forecast: Plays well enough to stay in the AHL because he doesn't ever want to end up back in Edmonton for the rest of his life.

Name:Brad Phillips
Jersey: #75
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 163

Forecast: He's gonna be the 2010-11 version of Jeremy Duchesne, thrust into a spotlight for no real reason other than to entertain me...

Nic Riopel
Jersey: #35 (yes 2 35s on the Flyers so far...but he should switch to his #29 in camp)
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 172

Forecast: Will be the #3 guy in the AHL behind Backlund and Bobrovsky, could be traded for other prospects, like depth Defenseman that do NOT cost $4 million....

Name:Brian Stewart
Jersey: #67
Height:6' 4"
Weight: 195

Forecast: Will probably not get a look out of training camp, for this guy to see NHL time, the other goalies would need to have no limbs, heads or heartbeats.

I've reread this post now quite a few times, and I find myself very, uncomfortable with the Flyers 2010-11 goalie situation. And we don't have ToskaLOL or Raycroft

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seeing the Brightside, A DGS look at the Gagne trade

I've waited to post this, mainly because I wanted to avoid an unoriginal and pathetic rant about how much I miss Simon. Quite honestly, for that, my Twitter feed to the right should have supplied plenty of that. (Ain't I right DTV?)

With that, I recently posted an analysis on Blades of Funny of some of Holmgren's trades, here's what I came up...reposted here for my loyal DGS-ers

Let’s take a quick look on some of Paul Holmgren’s odd moves

Case 1: Trading Alex Zhitnik to ATL for Braydon Coburn

Well, this was basically a steal for the Flyers

Case 2: Trading Peter Forsberg to Nashville for Upshall, Parent and 2 draft picks
Then trading the picks back to NSH for Scott Hartnell and Kimmo Timonen

ok, so Parent’s back in NSH, Upshall got kicked to Phoenix for Carcillo, Kimmo and Harts are gonna end up killing our cap barring some more moves, but these guys did produce in Philly (except Parent in the Finals)

Case 3: Upshall to PHX for Dan Carcillo

I dislike Carcillo, no denials, but the fact is, Upshall wasn’t gonna see top line time as an RW with Joffrey Lupul and Mike Knuble ahead of him. Well, what if he stayed for 09-10 you say, and I say fine, where would Briere, Carter, Giroux, Lappy be moved to in order to find a slot for Upshall. I love Upshall, yes, but he wasn’t gonna fit in and so getting something for him was a good deal.

Case 4: Parent to NSH for a 7th rounder and Rights to Dam Hamhuis,
NSH 7th Rounder to SJS for Rights to Nabby
Rights to Dan Hamhuis to Pittsburgh for a 3rd Rounder

Wait, Ryan Parent, Ryan F-ing Parent for a third rounder from the Penguins, uhh, steal…duh

Case 5: Ole Tollefsen and 2nd rounder for Ville Leino

Tollefsen’s in the SEL, and Leino lit up everyone he saw in the playoffs, epic win enough said.

So, Holmgren has a knack for getting stuff done…trading Gagne and 2nd round pick for a 4th, Meszaros and Walker might just work out…if not, then my final example…

Case 6: Steve Eminger and Steve Downie to Tampa for Matt Carle…yes Homer has a way of moving Bad D-men out for good ones…

my pick for the 2010 edition

Andrej Meszaros and Dan Carcillo somewhere for a D-man who doesn't suck...guess that excludes Wade Redden, Tomas Kaberle, and Mike Green*

*-(Editor's Note: Why Mike Green made a list of DEFENSEMEN is beyond me)

I wish Gagne the best of luck but if he comes up gimpy in a game with the groin, or takes a Matt Cooke elbow…I won’t be surprised

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Don't Trade Simon, an official DGS Petition

Dear Paul Holmgren and the rest of the Flyers organization,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Philadelphia Flyers fanbase with only one purpose. That you do not trade Simon Gagne. Simon is the heart and soul of this team right now and trading him would be a slap in the face to the loyal fans who love and support him. Trade Jeff Carter instead, the salaries are almost the same and we are stacked at center. Think of it this way, if you trade Carter and Boucher, you could bring in a solid goaltender AND a decent 2nd line forward. Carter is going to command far more next year, whereas Gagne will resign cheap. It's a simple cost/benefit analysis, yes Carter will put up more numbers than Gagne, but Gagne will put up more bang for the dollar. Fact is, this franchise needs a true number one goalie, had we had a goalie with the talent of Nabokov, then Ryan Parent as a #6 Defenseman would have not cost us a Stanley Cup win.


Down Goes Spezza

PS: If you want to support this petition, please leave a comment in the comment box below, come on DGS-ers you know you want to help me lead the don't trade Simon charge.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stolen Posts: How the world beat DGS to ideas recently

Just a couple days ago, the blogging idol of DGS, Mr. Down Goes Brown, posted a comparison between NHL and NBA Free Agency and DGS was sad, because we had the same idea for a post in mind. DGB suggested that we pre-date the post and then accuse him of plagiarism but we decided against it. Instead, we decided to share our thoughts on the idea of tampering in NHL.

Thanks to @NonAmericanHero on Twitter for telling us that the CBA has no rules of tampering, so because of that DGS sent the DGS SuperSpies into the world to find out, what is tampering in the NHL. The results, they were odd, but enlightening to say the least.

Some NHL Examples of Tampering.

  • Brian Burke of the Toronto Maple Leafs takes a trip to Sweden for a "vacation" only to end up accidentally recruiting the Sedins.
  • Marian Hossa tampers with the Red Wings chances of repeating as Stanley Cup champions by signing with them after the 2008 season
  • Flyers GMs since 1997 have tampered with the teams chances of winning a Stanley Cup by never signing a competent goaltender, (Remind me again why were paying Big Mesz $4 million and Nabby walked to the KHL?)
  • Alexei Yashin tampered with the Islanders books by penciling his name on them until 2020
  • Someone tampered with Rick DiPietro's health sending him for MRI's every year, (this just in...Rick has a minimum 5 MRIs per week clause in his contract)
  • Chicago Blackhawks ownership tampered with the whole NHL by secretly moving the team to Atlanta after winning the 2010 Stanley Cup
  • Kyle Wellwood tampered with the last scale he was on, making it say 181lbs as his weight.
  • An unknown person or persons tampered with Ilya Kovalchuk's calendar causing him to not realize that in fact, he legally can sign an NHL contract.
  • Rick Tocchet tampered with the Lightning's chances to win by hating on a guy named Vinny. (Thanks DTV)
  • Someone tampers with Joe Thornton's mind every time the playoffs role around
  • Keith Ballard likes to tamper with the skull of his team's goaltender
  • Pierre McGuire will tamper with your belt and pants every time he interviews you.
  • Every NHL player attempts to tamper with the Edmonton Oilers by demanding a trade out of Edmonton.
  • Rangers GM Glen Sather tampered with Habs by convincing them to take on the Scott Gomez contract.
  • Chris Pronger uses his elbows to tamper with opponent's skulls.

[Note: Eklund claims these ideas are all 100% DGS Originals (e4)]

Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't Trade Simon, Trade Carter instead

I think the title's pretty simple. Today I'm gonna make the case that the Flyers should trade C Jeff Carter over LW Simon Gagne.

Cap Hit
Gagne: 5.25
Carter: 5.0

Essentially even

Carter's younger, yes, and an RFA next year who's gonna cost 5.5-6.5 to keep. Gagne's a UFA but his cap hit should drop to the 3.3-3.7 range, this leaves the Flyers with $2-3 million to make a move.

Carter will bring back more than Gagne in a trade, Carter can bring in a true #1 goalie. You know, the thing that the Flyers haven't had since Ron Hextall.

The Flyers are stacked at center, losing Carter isn't all bad. We would still have Richards, Briere, Giroux, Powe, Betts...and there's talk of moving JvR to center as well.

Trades the Flyers should make, you know, if I were the GM:

Calgary's Sutter seems like a moron, so let's try this out

Meszaros and Zherdev $6 million against the cap to Calgary for Curtis Glencross and Cory Sarich (4.8 combined cap hits)

then again, if Iginla wants out of town... Big Mesz and Zherdev for Iggy (Sutter WOULD do that deal)

Ok, now, into the almost real world.

Jeff Carter and Brian Boucher to Los Angeles for Jon Bernier, Jarret Stoll

It could be a stretch, but Carter long term would produce far more than Stoll and Bernier is stuck behind Jon Quick, Boucher could fill the AHL starter post, and fill in for short bursts in the NHL should Quick or Erik Ersberg get hurt. Now the Flyers would only save 1.4 in regards to the cap here, but that should be fine. I wouldn't mind losing Carcillo and his stupid penalties, but keep Powe.

Remember Carter's good at scoring, with his teammates wives...(don't tell other GMs that last part.)

If Hartnell didn't have that damn NTC, we could trade him to Edmonton, yes, I hate him THAT MUCH.

But alas, in words of Mick Jagger, "You can't always get what you want" and that means I'll be soon mourning the loss of Simon Gagne

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get to know a Prospect: Eric Wellwood

Yes, I know, I tweeted that today's new post would be about the DGS Staff but it turns out, we decided that an in depth investigation into a Flyers prospect would be in order, see, with the Flyers prospect camp this week, we are getting to see guys who will be the Flyers of the future, and like any "respectable and responsible journalists". We thought it best to, shed some light on Eric Wellwood, specifically, translating an interview he did recently from Wellwoodese into English.

The whole article can be found here:

Eric says: "My game is all speed and shooting, dumping it in the corners and going to get it myself. He is more finesse, more laid-back. I think maybe people are starting to realize that our game doesn't have as much in common as one might think."

Eric means: "I'm not an overweight fat bastard who avoids contact with anything other than a buffet table, oh yeah, and I actually try to put the puck in the net"

What Was Said: Wellwood is relying on his brother for conditioning tips. He has a leg up on his competition as he already knows what challenges lie ahead

What Was Meant: Eric is not making the mistakes that Kyle did, for example Eric does NOT stop at every Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts to compare tastes of frosting. Also, Eric realizes that "deep fried" anything is a bad thing for meals. Eric also knows to stick to a conditioning plan, to avoid ending up fat.

Well, that's all we got for now, here's to hoping Kyle doesn't eat Eric on Christmas....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Things We Did to Ourselves To Remind Us How Much July 1 Sucked

First off, to any and all Canadian readers, DGS wishes you a Happy Canada Day again.

DGS felt a lot of pain

Amy: Considered dying her hair black again, she had it done orange on June 29.

Luc: Played out Free Agency on NHL 10, made reasonable moves, got a reasonable team, simulated 2010-2011 season, watched Flyers win come in 4th in Eastern Conference, 2nd in Atlantic Division (NY Islanders won it). Watched them beat San Jose in the Stanley Cup Finals in 7 games (Thorton played in 22 playoff games, had 11 about realism).

Luc's opening day Flyers roster






Big Mid-season Trade: Sent Gagne and Hartnell to Calgary for Jarome Iginla and a 1st round pick (ended up being 3rd overall)

Signed Alex Frolov during January, 6.4 cap hit over 4 years (prorated for the rest of the season)


GP: 32 G: 15 A: 14 P: 29 PIMs: 8

Iggy's Flyers Stats:

GP: 14 G: 7 A: 5 PIMs: 23

Leading Scorers

G: Carter 44
A: Richards 64
P: Carter: 101

Other Stats

+/-: Pronger +52
PIMS: Carcillo 245


Turco: 31-20-10
Leighton: 10-3-7
Backlund: 0-0-1

Yeah, Luc insisted we put this all in.

Turco was a 3.7 cap hit.

Playoff Leaders:

Turco: 15-8

G: Briere 20
A: Pronger/Richards 24
P: Briere/Richards 33

Luc got into this, again, everything was simmed except roster moves.

Matt: Waterboarded himself in the shower, Waffleboarded himself after, Pinched himself in the hopes that he would wake up, begged for a Big Mesz trade to Calgary for Jarome Iginla, cried repeatedly for his bottle, rationalized that being single is a good thing, wished #DGSDateWatch would end, tried to "fire" the rest of the team, plotted the demise of Homer, came up with a clever post for next week that involves teaming with Don't Trade Vinny.

Basically, today sucked for the Flyers, prove us wrong, please.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free Agency 2010: Live Blog

12:10AM: DGS should be asleep, but he wants to start with the major transactions that were announced

RFA Signings: Mike Leighton takes 2 years 1.55 cap hit to stay in Philly and compete for the starting job. No real surprise here, more on Leighton later today, when I can combine it with any other splashes the Flyers make.

Retirements: Rod Brind'Amour: a class act, a great guy, and for me, a Hall of Famer

Trades: Toronto and Chicago:

Toronto gets: Kris Versteeg and Bill Sweatt
Chicago gets: Viktor Stalberg, Philippe Paradis and Christopher DiDomenico

Conclusion: Are the 'Hawks under the cap yet? Is Toronto truculent enough yet? Is Burkie happy yet? (I can answer the last one: Not until Kaberle goes). Leaf's and Hawks fans who read this blog, tell me what you think of the deal...I'll add in some of the comments to this post.

12:22am Ok then, all I want is Boucher to be traded for a #6/7 D-man, though he can be AHL'd, the Flyers to keep Coburn, Powe, Carcillo and Asham and please please please find a wing to swing Hamhuis. (DGS predicts the new Flyers D-man will be Toni Lydman, solid puck mover, has NHL experience, fits with the Flyers love of going Finnish)

12:27am DGS wishes that won't come true tonight

1. Getting laid #DGSDateWatch restarts...

2. Anton Volchenkov, Evgeni Nabokov and Ilya Kovalchuk all sign contracts that put the Flyers even with the cap.

3. Flyers lose Scott Hartnell and somehow gain Dustin Byfuglien

4. Pierre McGuire becomes normal

12:30am DGS begins to think about getting drunk after realizing what his life is like...Amy talks him out of it via the way, chat with DGS tomorrow from 2:30-4:30pm on Google Chat, DGS's email is, Amy will make sure to tweet updates as well as she gets a hold of them.

9:16AM DGS sees report linking Dan Ellis to the Flyers, for the record, goalies linked to the Flyers this offseason:

Nabby, Turco, Biron, Price, Ellis, Halak, Niitty, Chris Mason, Steve Mason (seriously, I got an email about it- Amy), Thomas, Hedberg, Theodore, Budaj....

Long story short, Flyers have more goalie options that Harry Potter had Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers...

As for Eclipse: Spoiler Alert: Silver Arrows hit the werewolves, Buffy stakes the vampires, The End

9:22AM DGS realizes we forgot the following goalies on this list of goalies linked to the Flyers: Quick, Bernier, Lalime, Roloson, Weekes, Legace, Caron, Toskala (Yes, seriously, though don't worry, he'd be shot here)....if anyone knows of any other rumors, add them...or make some up too...cleverest scenario wins a prize* from DGS

*- DGS promises to name this person in a post and give them free advertising to any blog/website provided the content is rated PG13 or lower.

1:13PM Flyers trade for Meszaros...what a Meszy move...dammit Homer, pull something big out.

2:18PM Still a goaltending mess. Coburn's back for 2yrs/3.55 cap hit and now Jody Shelley and Sean O'Donnell are in as well. This probably spells the end of Riley Cote in Philly. In unrelated news, Holmgren is trying to sell the truculent Cote to the Leafs

Alex Auld to the Habs, guess that means Dan Ellis hit the open market. Or as multiple twitter accounts have said, Habs get Vesa Toskala lite.

Sergei Gonchar to the Sens...I guess Gonchar is gonna go the Kaberle route...and hate winning

Zybnek Michalek to the Pens...Phoenix to Pissburgh...(typo intentional) Z, I had hope for you, but now you're gonna be Crosby's bitch...and that's just bad.

Alex Tanguay back to Calgary....I love Sutter....and Sather...these guys make JFJ begin to look intelligent (Amy reminded me of the Rask/Raycroft deal, I take this back)

All Time Worst GMs Ever: Sutter, Sather, John Ferguson Jr.

Marty St. Louis contract extension announced, anonymous sources tell me Marty had a hard time signing the contract because he could not see the table where the contract was located.

For those who don't know, I'm open on my facebook page and I'm taking email at the address on the right. I'll post some of the more interesting emails and their answers here as well as answering all of the email personally*.

(*-DGS staff will answer emails, Amy included, there are 5 of us)

2:53PM First Email Answer:


Leighton, Boucher, Backlund are already in the mix, but none of these scream long term number 1 goalie. What hopes do the Flyers have?



Thanks for being the first to check in. Long term options pretty much involve trades. JvR to LA for Bernier or Quick is a possibility. If the Flyers want to dump salary, I could see Hartnell AND JvR for Bernier or Quick and an LA forward or draft picks. Give it time though, with Turco and Nabby still in play, things can happen.



Martin Biron to the Rangers, what do you think?

Bill C.


Soft goals, inconsistency and flamboyant screams SATHER GUY!



Are you cute? Can I have your number?

Steve F.


No way in hell, I'm not interested.


Down Goes Spezza,

Are you going to miss Riley Cote? It sure looks like he's the odd man out right now.

Kevin L.


I'll miss Cote for his off ice charity work more than being a fight only guy. The guy who I really think I am going to miss at the end of this is Arron Asham, great guy all around and a solid depth player. Who ever picks up Asham is gonna get an underrated player. As for Cote, he might get tossed in as a spare part in a trade, but most likely will be making to trek to the AHL Phantoms for 2010-2011


3:03pm Just realized the Shelley deal is a 3 year deal. I realize Shelley burned us for 2 goals in the last 2 games of the season, but for the love of divine entities, THIS GUY IS A MORE EXPENSIVE RILEY COTE!!! WTF WERE WE THINKING?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Send him to the AHL NOW please and thanks....

3:08pm Rick Tocchet coached Meszaros last season in Tampa.

“He had the willingness to play hurt, I have to give him credit,” said Tocchet. “I give him a lot of credit. A lot of guys wouldn’t have done that. But there is another level in him and he’s got to find that with the Flyers.”

I just threw up a little...I'm beginning to plot my demise...still taking Emails and Facebook questions though!

3:11PM Toni Lydman to the Ducks, I wanted that Finn, like the Flyers I tend to enjoy Finns

Little known fact about DGS: Amy and Matt both love Finnish metal band Nightwish


Random Coworker of Amy's asked her:

Does Shelley spell the end of Lappy or Carcillo?

Amy: I think it makes the possible loss of Carcillo manageable, but expect to see Cote waived.

Matt: No, it means Cote's on the AHL train, which makes no sense because Cote comes at about half the cap hit.

Luc: Nope, just means Cote's gone.

Jon: Cote's headed to Glens Falls to play for the Phantoms, unless he gets traded


Amy just reminded the rest of the staff that we all hated the Leino trade, Carcillo trade, keeping Carter over Umberger and Asham signing when they all happened. The boys just realized they had no counters to these moves of moves we loved, but then regretted. Results have happened, and while the boys don't like it, they love having a woman as the voice of reason. (Matt, Jon, Luc all disagree)

4:21pm Volchenkov to the Devils. This could be bad...

or not

4:25pm Hamhuis to the Canucks, hometown player signs...that's ok, btw, thx for the 3rd rounder Penguins

4:32PM Matt's getting more depressed by the minute....Flyers July 1 = Twitter Fail Whale

4:44PM Just saw the Blackhawks moved to the Eastern Conference and now play in Atlanta...FML AGAIN!

5:35PM Dinner time with the DGS crew...will check back in around 7pm...Later world!