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Friday, July 2, 2010

Things We Did to Ourselves To Remind Us How Much July 1 Sucked

First off, to any and all Canadian readers, DGS wishes you a Happy Canada Day again.

DGS felt a lot of pain

Amy: Considered dying her hair black again, she had it done orange on June 29.

Luc: Played out Free Agency on NHL 10, made reasonable moves, got a reasonable team, simulated 2010-2011 season, watched Flyers win come in 4th in Eastern Conference, 2nd in Atlantic Division (NY Islanders won it). Watched them beat San Jose in the Stanley Cup Finals in 7 games (Thorton played in 22 playoff games, had 11 about realism).

Luc's opening day Flyers roster






Big Mid-season Trade: Sent Gagne and Hartnell to Calgary for Jarome Iginla and a 1st round pick (ended up being 3rd overall)

Signed Alex Frolov during January, 6.4 cap hit over 4 years (prorated for the rest of the season)


GP: 32 G: 15 A: 14 P: 29 PIMs: 8

Iggy's Flyers Stats:

GP: 14 G: 7 A: 5 PIMs: 23

Leading Scorers

G: Carter 44
A: Richards 64
P: Carter: 101

Other Stats

+/-: Pronger +52
PIMS: Carcillo 245


Turco: 31-20-10
Leighton: 10-3-7
Backlund: 0-0-1

Yeah, Luc insisted we put this all in.

Turco was a 3.7 cap hit.

Playoff Leaders:

Turco: 15-8

G: Briere 20
A: Pronger/Richards 24
P: Briere/Richards 33

Luc got into this, again, everything was simmed except roster moves.

Matt: Waterboarded himself in the shower, Waffleboarded himself after, Pinched himself in the hopes that he would wake up, begged for a Big Mesz trade to Calgary for Jarome Iginla, cried repeatedly for his bottle, rationalized that being single is a good thing, wished #DGSDateWatch would end, tried to "fire" the rest of the team, plotted the demise of Homer, came up with a clever post for next week that involves teaming with Don't Trade Vinny.

Basically, today sucked for the Flyers, prove us wrong, please.

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