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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free Agency 2010: Live Blog

12:10AM: DGS should be asleep, but he wants to start with the major transactions that were announced

RFA Signings: Mike Leighton takes 2 years 1.55 cap hit to stay in Philly and compete for the starting job. No real surprise here, more on Leighton later today, when I can combine it with any other splashes the Flyers make.

Retirements: Rod Brind'Amour: a class act, a great guy, and for me, a Hall of Famer

Trades: Toronto and Chicago:

Toronto gets: Kris Versteeg and Bill Sweatt
Chicago gets: Viktor Stalberg, Philippe Paradis and Christopher DiDomenico

Conclusion: Are the 'Hawks under the cap yet? Is Toronto truculent enough yet? Is Burkie happy yet? (I can answer the last one: Not until Kaberle goes). Leaf's and Hawks fans who read this blog, tell me what you think of the deal...I'll add in some of the comments to this post.

12:22am Ok then, all I want is Boucher to be traded for a #6/7 D-man, though he can be AHL'd, the Flyers to keep Coburn, Powe, Carcillo and Asham and please please please find a wing to swing Hamhuis. (DGS predicts the new Flyers D-man will be Toni Lydman, solid puck mover, has NHL experience, fits with the Flyers love of going Finnish)

12:27am DGS wishes that won't come true tonight

1. Getting laid #DGSDateWatch restarts...

2. Anton Volchenkov, Evgeni Nabokov and Ilya Kovalchuk all sign contracts that put the Flyers even with the cap.

3. Flyers lose Scott Hartnell and somehow gain Dustin Byfuglien

4. Pierre McGuire becomes normal

12:30am DGS begins to think about getting drunk after realizing what his life is like...Amy talks him out of it via the way, chat with DGS tomorrow from 2:30-4:30pm on Google Chat, DGS's email is, Amy will make sure to tweet updates as well as she gets a hold of them.

9:16AM DGS sees report linking Dan Ellis to the Flyers, for the record, goalies linked to the Flyers this offseason:

Nabby, Turco, Biron, Price, Ellis, Halak, Niitty, Chris Mason, Steve Mason (seriously, I got an email about it- Amy), Thomas, Hedberg, Theodore, Budaj....

Long story short, Flyers have more goalie options that Harry Potter had Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers...

As for Eclipse: Spoiler Alert: Silver Arrows hit the werewolves, Buffy stakes the vampires, The End

9:22AM DGS realizes we forgot the following goalies on this list of goalies linked to the Flyers: Quick, Bernier, Lalime, Roloson, Weekes, Legace, Caron, Toskala (Yes, seriously, though don't worry, he'd be shot here)....if anyone knows of any other rumors, add them...or make some up too...cleverest scenario wins a prize* from DGS

*- DGS promises to name this person in a post and give them free advertising to any blog/website provided the content is rated PG13 or lower.

1:13PM Flyers trade for Meszaros...what a Meszy move...dammit Homer, pull something big out.

2:18PM Still a goaltending mess. Coburn's back for 2yrs/3.55 cap hit and now Jody Shelley and Sean O'Donnell are in as well. This probably spells the end of Riley Cote in Philly. In unrelated news, Holmgren is trying to sell the truculent Cote to the Leafs

Alex Auld to the Habs, guess that means Dan Ellis hit the open market. Or as multiple twitter accounts have said, Habs get Vesa Toskala lite.

Sergei Gonchar to the Sens...I guess Gonchar is gonna go the Kaberle route...and hate winning

Zybnek Michalek to the Pens...Phoenix to Pissburgh...(typo intentional) Z, I had hope for you, but now you're gonna be Crosby's bitch...and that's just bad.

Alex Tanguay back to Calgary....I love Sutter....and Sather...these guys make JFJ begin to look intelligent (Amy reminded me of the Rask/Raycroft deal, I take this back)

All Time Worst GMs Ever: Sutter, Sather, John Ferguson Jr.

Marty St. Louis contract extension announced, anonymous sources tell me Marty had a hard time signing the contract because he could not see the table where the contract was located.

For those who don't know, I'm open on my facebook page and I'm taking email at the address on the right. I'll post some of the more interesting emails and their answers here as well as answering all of the email personally*.

(*-DGS staff will answer emails, Amy included, there are 5 of us)

2:53PM First Email Answer:


Leighton, Boucher, Backlund are already in the mix, but none of these scream long term number 1 goalie. What hopes do the Flyers have?



Thanks for being the first to check in. Long term options pretty much involve trades. JvR to LA for Bernier or Quick is a possibility. If the Flyers want to dump salary, I could see Hartnell AND JvR for Bernier or Quick and an LA forward or draft picks. Give it time though, with Turco and Nabby still in play, things can happen.



Martin Biron to the Rangers, what do you think?

Bill C.


Soft goals, inconsistency and flamboyant screams SATHER GUY!



Are you cute? Can I have your number?

Steve F.


No way in hell, I'm not interested.


Down Goes Spezza,

Are you going to miss Riley Cote? It sure looks like he's the odd man out right now.

Kevin L.


I'll miss Cote for his off ice charity work more than being a fight only guy. The guy who I really think I am going to miss at the end of this is Arron Asham, great guy all around and a solid depth player. Who ever picks up Asham is gonna get an underrated player. As for Cote, he might get tossed in as a spare part in a trade, but most likely will be making to trek to the AHL Phantoms for 2010-2011


3:03pm Just realized the Shelley deal is a 3 year deal. I realize Shelley burned us for 2 goals in the last 2 games of the season, but for the love of divine entities, THIS GUY IS A MORE EXPENSIVE RILEY COTE!!! WTF WERE WE THINKING?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Send him to the AHL NOW please and thanks....

3:08pm Rick Tocchet coached Meszaros last season in Tampa.

“He had the willingness to play hurt, I have to give him credit,” said Tocchet. “I give him a lot of credit. A lot of guys wouldn’t have done that. But there is another level in him and he’s got to find that with the Flyers.”

I just threw up a little...I'm beginning to plot my demise...still taking Emails and Facebook questions though!

3:11PM Toni Lydman to the Ducks, I wanted that Finn, like the Flyers I tend to enjoy Finns

Little known fact about DGS: Amy and Matt both love Finnish metal band Nightwish


Random Coworker of Amy's asked her:

Does Shelley spell the end of Lappy or Carcillo?

Amy: I think it makes the possible loss of Carcillo manageable, but expect to see Cote waived.

Matt: No, it means Cote's on the AHL train, which makes no sense because Cote comes at about half the cap hit.

Luc: Nope, just means Cote's gone.

Jon: Cote's headed to Glens Falls to play for the Phantoms, unless he gets traded


Amy just reminded the rest of the staff that we all hated the Leino trade, Carcillo trade, keeping Carter over Umberger and Asham signing when they all happened. The boys just realized they had no counters to these moves of moves we loved, but then regretted. Results have happened, and while the boys don't like it, they love having a woman as the voice of reason. (Matt, Jon, Luc all disagree)

4:21pm Volchenkov to the Devils. This could be bad...

or not

4:25pm Hamhuis to the Canucks, hometown player signs...that's ok, btw, thx for the 3rd rounder Penguins

4:32PM Matt's getting more depressed by the minute....Flyers July 1 = Twitter Fail Whale

4:44PM Just saw the Blackhawks moved to the Eastern Conference and now play in Atlanta...FML AGAIN!

5:35PM Dinner time with the DGS crew...will check back in around 7pm...Later world!

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