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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stolen Posts: How the world beat DGS to ideas recently

Just a couple days ago, the blogging idol of DGS, Mr. Down Goes Brown, posted a comparison between NHL and NBA Free Agency and DGS was sad, because we had the same idea for a post in mind. DGB suggested that we pre-date the post and then accuse him of plagiarism but we decided against it. Instead, we decided to share our thoughts on the idea of tampering in NHL.

Thanks to @NonAmericanHero on Twitter for telling us that the CBA has no rules of tampering, so because of that DGS sent the DGS SuperSpies into the world to find out, what is tampering in the NHL. The results, they were odd, but enlightening to say the least.

Some NHL Examples of Tampering.

  • Brian Burke of the Toronto Maple Leafs takes a trip to Sweden for a "vacation" only to end up accidentally recruiting the Sedins.
  • Marian Hossa tampers with the Red Wings chances of repeating as Stanley Cup champions by signing with them after the 2008 season
  • Flyers GMs since 1997 have tampered with the teams chances of winning a Stanley Cup by never signing a competent goaltender, (Remind me again why were paying Big Mesz $4 million and Nabby walked to the KHL?)
  • Alexei Yashin tampered with the Islanders books by penciling his name on them until 2020
  • Someone tampered with Rick DiPietro's health sending him for MRI's every year, (this just in...Rick has a minimum 5 MRIs per week clause in his contract)
  • Chicago Blackhawks ownership tampered with the whole NHL by secretly moving the team to Atlanta after winning the 2010 Stanley Cup
  • Kyle Wellwood tampered with the last scale he was on, making it say 181lbs as his weight.
  • An unknown person or persons tampered with Ilya Kovalchuk's calendar causing him to not realize that in fact, he legally can sign an NHL contract.
  • Rick Tocchet tampered with the Lightning's chances to win by hating on a guy named Vinny. (Thanks DTV)
  • Someone tampers with Joe Thornton's mind every time the playoffs role around
  • Keith Ballard likes to tamper with the skull of his team's goaltender
  • Pierre McGuire will tamper with your belt and pants every time he interviews you.
  • Every NHL player attempts to tamper with the Edmonton Oilers by demanding a trade out of Edmonton.
  • Rangers GM Glen Sather tampered with Habs by convincing them to take on the Scott Gomez contract.
  • Chris Pronger uses his elbows to tamper with opponent's skulls.

[Note: Eklund claims these ideas are all 100% DGS Originals (e4)]

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