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Friday, July 29, 2011

Flyers Tweets (stick tap DTV)

So, Don't Trade Vinny did a piece on Lightning First Tweets

This got me thinking, what if some Flyers got twitter, what would they say...

@JagrBomb68: "Totally won the Jagr sweepstakes pool in Vegas. Made millions."

@FallingScott: "Fell flat on my back when I created this thing, but I'll keep trying"

@CaptElbows: "hey panotch...GUESS WHO #Winning"

@Kimmo44: "Drinking my secret Viking Warrior potion. SUOMI TIME!"


@Coburn5: "My nose is just a nose, I swear, it doesn't have superpowers"

@LatvianWolf: "HOWL! I'm pressbox wolf!"


@LaviCakes: "Taking a 30 second tweet break to construct the best tweet ever"

@UnclePaulie: "First 25 attempts at this all failed, whats 140 limit? why is there math? I got told, there would be no math"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Other Bryzgalov Questions (WITH ANSWERS!) so it's the Bryzgalov FAQ

So, Devils writer Kevin from In Lou We Trust tweeted this earlier.

(See PetShark, I can put links in new windows!)

Anyway, as you see he asked the question, but luckily we have an answer....

Bryzgalov is Russian Toskala.

Anyway, Ilya Bryzgalov has a lot of questions and we have answers.

  1. Q: Why you heff to be mad?
    A: Philadelphia makes 2 trips to WPG and 2 OTT and 2 to BUF, this is 6 games too many for cold.

  2. Q: (When Bryz watches Hulu/YouTube) Why you heff to see ad?
    A: Because most people on the planet have yet to sucker Ed Snider into overpaying for their services so they sell commercials for cash.

  3. Q: (When watching Matt Cooke, Trevor Gillies and Raffi Torres) Why you heff to be bad?
    A: These are headshot artists, they have no talent.

  4. Q: Why you heff to be sad?
    A: Dan Ellis cries when he sees the Bryz contract. Every single day.

  5. Q: Why you heff to be glad?
    A: Ville Leino and Christian Ehrhoff are not ruining my team's salary cap. There's hope for Holmgren.

  6. Q: Why you heff to be rad?
    A: Evgeni Nabokov thinks he's cool and "rad" by not reporting but really...he's just old.

  7. Q: Why you heff to be dad?
    A: Oskars Bartulis already is.

  8. Q: Why you heff many pad?
    A: This room, with many pads, is where Rick DiPietro lives, we don't want him breaking an arm by walking around.
There, now you know.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Letter from a Fan

(Editor's Note: DGS Reader "Rich" sent in this email detailing a personal story. It's a rather unbiased (at least in my opinion) look at how inappropriate games can get. Like the last post on the topic, I'm disabling comments, but if you want to add to the discussion, shoot me an email

I'm a STH, and while I'm basically indifferent to all things "activism" (call it oblivious?) I get a little irked at how liberally "fag" is tossed around at Flyers games. I have gay friends, shit I've even brought gay friends to games, and I hear it every single game. I've used it. I've been corrected by my friends for using it, and try not to. (To be fair I use it in the south park sense, where the bikers were all fags, and not as a slur, but I still try not to).

Anyway, to my point. I was at a playoff game, and some kid (22?) walks up to me, out of no where, and goes "Lets kill these fags tonight!" Really? thats how you introduce yourself and walk around a public place? I dont notice this stuff at CBP, nd I'll let the parking lots stand in their own right, its road warrior out there.

So today, a friend of mine posted an article on facebook about the Phils doing one of those "It gets better" videos, and I shared your article with her, and I think you should started an online petition or at least host it. BSH would probly throw a link up for it.

Heres the link, I think the got like 2000 sigs, I think that could happen.

Friday, July 22, 2011

NHL Stars Tips To Beating The Heat

Yesterday, it was 103 degrees in my hometown. That's effin hot. Luckily I stayed cool because of a great AC and these tips for staying cool that were submitted to me by the amazing DGS Super Spies. Sadly, unlike the Miami Heat, this head wave doesn't disappear after 3. Luckily, here's how some NHL-ers are beating the heat.

Jonathan Toews: Walked outside wearing a winter coat, gloves, ski cap, and boots, stared at the air around him until it froze to an icy -62 Fahrenheit.

Ilya Bryzgalov: Gave the following quote, "Why you heff to be mad? Just use $51M to buy big air conditioner."

Dan Ellis: Commented that, "it takes more talent to survive in 100+ degree heat than it does to be a brain surgeon"

The Atlanta Thrashers: Packed up and moved to Winnipeg, and were never seen again.

Taylor Hall: Called Tyler Seguin and said, "that Cup doesn't keep you cool like Edmonton does."

Dany Heatley: Demanded a trade to Edmonton, Calgary or a demotion to ECHL Alaska.

Glen Sather: Signed the thermometer to a 12 year 78M contract because, "there's no way mercury gets cold in NYC winters."...he doesn't realize that a "No Movement Clause" doesn't mean the mercury will stay hot...L-O-L Rangers...L-O-L

Matt Cooke: Elbowed himself in the head, so he could sleep through the heat.

Paul Holmgren: Didn't get out of the heat because he didn't realize that 103 is higher than 75. He started suffering from heatstroke, the first symptom, he said, "Today, I will use math while making decisions."

Rick DiPietro: Ended up on LTIR after a bead of sweat fell off his head and onto his leg causing his ACL to tear.

Sean Couturier: Thanked his lucky stars that the 50-contract limit keeps him in the QMJHL.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The DGS Hockey Scouting Report

Most of you know that I used to play hockey. But there are some reasons as to why I don't play anymore, try to figure out my game through this scouting report.

The Down Goes Spezza Scouting Report
Height: 5'10
Weight: 155lbs
Position: Left Wing

Hands: This player is known for his ability to find the open guy like Ville Leino, but his shooting ability is akin to Andreas "No Goal" Nodl.

Skating: Scott Hartnell stays vertical more than DGS does.

Checking: Solid defensively and a great PK guy, kinda like Darrol Powe.

Discipline: His stick is all over the place, there's usually more stick fouls than Danny Briere on a bad night with this guy.

Health: His joints explode like Rick DiPietro. His bone's explode like Marion Gaborik. His brain explodes like Eric Lindros.

There, now you know something about me. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

NHL Baby Toys

I was talking to one of the 3 intelligent Caps fans on the planet, DCcheapSeats. She told me a story of how she took her niece to a Caps practice today and got her to say "hockey!" (and like most Caps fans, her niece pointed, said hockey and had absolutely no clue as to what she was talking about.)

Luckily, she'll be properly educated by the following list of NHL Baby Toys.

The Product- Baby's First Cooke
Why Your Child Needs It- Baby's first Cooke is a safe concussion inducing product that will teach your newborn how to properly throw elbows to the head behind the net and get away with it.
But Be Warned- No one will ever want to play with baby out of fear the Baby's First Cooke will try to kill it.

The Product- Tickle Me Pronger
Why Your Child Needs It- Tickle Me Pronger is a great way for your child to have fun. Depending how you tickle it Pronger will deliver different snarky retorts.
But Be Warned- It also has a tendency to elbow your child in the head, and recent models break easily and due to the "35+ Warranty" even if it breaks, you still are obligated to pay for it for the next 5 years if you give it back. However there is a loophole in the buyer's agreement, keeping it at home with the intent to fix it, will allow you to collect a reimbursement check equal to what you paid for it in order to guarantee you can buy another toy.

The Product- Uncle Paulie's Calculator
Why Your Child Needs It- Want your baby to learn math? Uncle Paulie's Calculator is a great tool for teaching your child basic mathematics.
But Be Warned- It's success rate is kind of terrible as Uncle Paulie was told "there would be no math"

The Product- The Hartnell Scooter
Why Your Child Needs It- The Hartnell Scooter is the perfect is the perfect little scooter for your young child to zip around the neighbor in.
But Be Warned- This scooter isn't very stable and tends to make your child fall over, a lot.

The Product- The Phila-Battery
Why Your Child Needs It- This battery is specially designed to be aerodynamic but light enough for your baby to throw. It will teach your child the lovely art of battery throwing in the Philly tradition.
But Be Warned-We're not saying you're a bad parent, but next time you tell your child something he/she doesn't like, we're not responsible for any blunt force trauma to your body if they turn it on you. We're also not responsible for damaged property or injuries incurred from damaged property when using this product

The Product- Luongo's First Goalie Pads for baby
Why Your Child Needs It- If you want your child to be a goalie, Luongo's First Goalie pads are designed specfiically for babies.
But Be Warned- Presents a huge choking hazard.

The Product- Easy Bake Emery
Why Your Child Needs It-Easy Bake Emery is the perfect way for your cranky child to relax, we're not quite sure what's in it, but it sure calms people down and makes them hungry.
But Be Warned- It's illegal in the USA.

The Product- Well-done Wellwood Oven
Why Your Child Needs It- Does your child seem to enjoy cooking? If so, the Well-Done Wellwood Oven is the perfect toy to teach your child how to cook. Why, just using the basic ingredients (sold separately) you can create snacks in under 20 minutes. 
But Be Warned- It's the leading cause of childhood obesity in the world due to the fact that it's not an oven, but a deep fryer.

The Product- Gillis Mystery Detective
Why Your Child Needs It-There's a conspiracy against the Canucks, help Mike Gillis solve it by playing this   video game and beating up such villains as Captain Serious and his evil sidekick girlfriend, Chelsea Dagger.
But Be Warned- The Murdersaurus is still an unbeatable enemy as for some reason, your party of HAMhuis, Bieksa and Raffi-Runner just refuse to fight it.

The Product- Hide and Seek with Chris Neil
Why Your Child Needs It-What child doesn't want to play hide and seek?
But Be Warned- It's impossible to find Chris Neil unless you're alone and defenseless. Seriously, I had Colton Orr with me the other day and Chris Neil was just impossible to find....

The Product- The Caps-Wagon
Why Your Child Needs It-This little red wagon is perfect for pulling your baby around the neighborhood. 
But Be Warned- It's made in Russia and breaks every April.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Reasons Steven Stamkos Hasn't Signed Yet

"It's been a while Mr. Stamkos. Please sign soon." Hockey Fans Everywhere.

Anyway, the Stamkos saga is still ongoing. But luckily the DGS Super Spies know why Stamkos hasn't signed.

  1. Is holding out hope Glen Sather or Paul Holmgren will overpay him on an offer sheet.
  2. Is trying to trade Vinny.
  3. Wants to find a dramatic chipmunk
  4. Cannot sign a contract until someone finds Paul Ranger
  5. Told Gary Bettman he won't sign a contract until Tampa hosts Edmonton on NBC on a Sunday.
  6. Wants to play in the NHL, and doesn't get that southern teams are actually NHL teams.
  7. Thought the Bolts moved to Winnipeg instead of the thrashers
  8. Went across the state of Florida to save the shuttle program by one-timing astronauts into space.
  9. Thought the NHL lockout started a year early so he didn't think he needed a contract
  10. Stamkos can't get through the 1-3-1 to get to the contract to sign it
  11. Stamkos is too tall, he can't see the contract right in front of him being held by Marty St Louis
  12. Stamkos wants to get away from Crazy Rolie the Goalie who keeps telling him about "that time the Edmonton Oilers went to the Stanley Cup Finals"
  13. Can't decide whether he should fear Matt Cooke, Chris Pronger, Raffi Torres or Steve Downie most and therefore doesn't know who to join.
  14. Is trying to figure out where to play in order to get Mattias Ohlund and Victor Hedman to pass him the puck. (Thanks DTV)

There you have it.

Somethings Don't Fit In Hockey, or anywhere for that matter

We've all done stupid things we regret. Every single one of us. We're just human after all, none of us are perfect. But that doesn't absolve us from our mistakes.

Now, in a perfect world, when we make a mistake, we're able to say we're sorry and move on. I've made my fair share of mistakes, 95% of which come from me talking without thinking. (Irony, I wrote that last sentence three times to make sure I got the message I wanted to send across in the right way.) Anyway, Bill Watters comments the other day reminded me of a hockey story of my own.

Just a few short years ago, I was playing in a summer roller hockey league. It was a fairly competitive league, at least, as competitive as an 8 team league made of mostly early to mid 20 somethings can be. Anyway, during a post whistle scrum (there always seemed to be one, especially in front of the net) I'm shoving with with an opposing player, he calls he a pussy and respond by telling him to shut up, and "quit being a whiny homo." Now, anyone who knows me, know's I'm about 5'9 140lbs, I'm not big at all, the guy I insulted was easily 6'1 175. Anyway, one of our players grabs me by the shoulder and pulls me about 15 feet away from the crowd in front of the net. While we're the only 2 behind the net, he whispers, so only I can hear it, that our goalie, who was by far our best player, was in fact gay and he, one of our players on our team, was the goalie's boyfriend. I was crushed. I felt so stupid for saying what I did. Anyway, the next stoppage of play, I apologized to the goalie, and to the other player both of whom took it in stride. As the goalie put it, "Matt, I know you, I know your politics, and I know that Amy (who is also a cowriter to this blog) is gay too. You made a silly mistake, don't worry about it, but don't do it again." I learned my lesson that day, I still talk trash, but now, I make sure to be insanely clever about it.

Being polite and a civilized human being doesn't have to be boring, it get just stretches the creative juices a little further, or hell, go by other cliche'd stereotypes. For instance, if you want to call an opposing player "soft" or a "not-tough" do what I've started doing, use original lines like "air puts up more resistance than you." Seriously, it works just as well and you don't have to worry about getting yourself in trouble. That last line, actually worked too well, the player I used it on, told me after the game that he didn't get it at first and because of that, it was a slight distraction to him that he claimed caused him to make a bad pass and turn the puck over. If you want to insult a goalie, call him/her "worse than Toskala" or "you were 'Leighton' getting to that one." Bad puns work wonders.

Short form, people are people, regardless of skin color, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identification, age, biological gender, hair color, eye color, foot size, etc...we're all human beings. Science proves that. We're all people, and all people should be treated equally.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Translating Bryzgalov

Why you heff to be mad? It's only game....

Oh Ilya, you think you speak a language that no one understands...but I do, see, I'm Russian, just like you.

So with that, I'm gonna share with the world, the ability to understand Bryzgalov using quotes from his interview found here at BSH.

Quote: "I am excited to join a great organization with a rich history. That was my first reaction and I expect a lot from our work together."
Meaning: "I am excited to join a rich organization with a great history of overpaying players. My first reacion was $$$$$$$$ and I expect a big bank account, small island and possibly my own rocketship from our work together."

Quote: "First of all, when I came to Philadelphia, I met Mr. [Ed] Snider, Paul Holmgren and other people in the organization. We talked to each other and they told me the philosophy of the team. I like the philosophy of the team - winning, and everything in Philadelphia. I like this philosophy and it's my philosophy too.... This is a good spot for me because I like the idea and philosophy of the team."

Quote: "Not yet, not yet. He is a great guy. He's a good person and a big physical defenseman who can score, who can move the puck. He has everything that a number one defenseman needs. He's got size, he's got skill, he has character." (He's referring to Christopher Robert Pronger)
Meaning: OH GOD! Pronger's elbows scare me!

Quote: "Under NHL rules you can be traded any day and management made decisions to make some adjustments and we just have to accept it and play it."
Meaning: I know that I'm gone after 4 or 5 years. But I'm gonna be rich!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Maybe I'm The Problem. If you believe in luck, then I am the Problem

Maybe I'm the problem. Maybe I really caused all of this. I was going through my closet today (well yesterday), and I started going through my Flyers stuff. So guys, I give you everything Flyers that I collected during the 4 years that the RBK-Edge uniforms were used. See if you guys can notice a pattern....


Received Simon Gagne poster for my birthday: Gagne's brain explodes.

Bought Joffrey Lupul t-shirt: 2 days later, Derian Hatcher breaks Lupul's neck.

Won Antero Niitymaki t-shirt: found out Niity needed hip surgery that offseason.

Proclaim Derian Hatcher as my favorite Flyers player that season: Hatcher breaks his leg and never plays another game again.

Call Jon Kalinski my favorte Flyers forward: compartment syndrome

Tell my roommate: "That Thoresen kid is my favorite Norwegian player..." less than 30 seconds later, Thoresen's balls explode.


Bought black long sleeved Danny Briere t-shirt: Briere plagued by injuries all season

Received Mike Knuble t-shirt for my birthday: Mike Knuble signs with the Caps in the offseason.

Wears #9 when playing in a rec roller hockey weekend tournament for Upshall: less than a week later, Upshall for Carcillo


Received Ray Emery poster for my birthday: Ray Emery's hip and abdomen exploded.

Bought Chris Pronger t-shirt: Pronger's knee explodes during the playoffs, then the 2010-11 disaster

Received a Ryan Parent t-shirt: Parent kills Leighton and Boosh.

Finally develop the confidence to say, "Leighton is really proving himself to be a legit NHL goalie" (~15 minutes later, PatDrunk Kane goes 5-hole)

Put Jeff Carter celebrating a goal as my computer wall paper: Jeff Carter breaks both his feet.


Said "Don't worry, a full season of Leighton will be good for him and the Flyers" Leighton breaks repeatedly.

My Chris Pronger man crush becomes more public: Chris Pronger turns into Sami Salo and Rick DiPietro, at the same time.

My mom buys a Matt Walker t-shirt instead of Matt Carle: Matt Walker spends the year needing a walker

I met Jody Shelley and he signs my hat in January: Jody Shelley breaks his face with a puck

I met Andreas Nodl and he signs my hat in January. Andreas Nodl misses the playoffs with an injury.

Also, the playoffs, they get their own section.

2008 playoff run:

1st round: Washington- 1 year removed from the Disaster of 2006-07, I figured the Caps would dispatch the Flyers quickly, result-Flyers in 7

2nd round: Montreal- Hot rookie goalie, veteran short forwards, and I think, ok, the luck's run out so it's Habs in 6. Result-Flyers in a 5 game sweep. Kovalev batted the game 1 goal in with a high stick.

3rd round: Pittsburgh- I'm finally on board, the Flyers have a legit top pairing in Kimmo/Coburn. Great depth guys in Smith and they will contain Crosby. The Flyers will win in 6. Well, Coburn breaks his face. Timonen breaks a foot. Smith separates both shoulders. Result: Flyers lose.


1st round: Pittsburgh- Revenge is sweet, this year is our year. Result: No, it wasn't.


1st round: NJD: I start this blog with the sole intent of making fun of the Flyers for another first exit. Boucher beats Brodeur avenging what happened a decade earlier. Result: NJD rolls over.

2nd round: BOS: during my prediction post, I make a hilarious typo where I say the Flyers win in 7, but actually give Boston the win in 6 when I do my game to game log. Result: The Miracle on Broad St.

3rd round: MTL: I go in brimming with confidence, but I think that MTL is due for revenge. I write my preview post espousing the optimistic side of things, but privately, I'm thinking MTL has it this time around. And if the Flyers win, Leighton won't be the reason. Result: Leighton pitches 3 SOs

4th Round: CHI: I predict Flyers in 6. Result: Hawks in 6.


1st round: Buffalo- I think the Flyers will snap up and lose the series without Pronger or win it with Pronger. Result: The Flyers win without Pronger being a major direct factor.

2nd Round: Boston- I call Flyers to win and Tim Thomas to fall back to earth and crap the bed 4 straight times. Result: Flyers lose, Boston wins the cup

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome ItsAFez66

Hey, DGS just signed ItsAFez66 to a front loaded long term contract with a full NMC for the entire duration. This means more DGS awesomeness. Here's her bio-

Guest Blogger Person: ItsAFez66 (whose real name may or may not start with one of the following letters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ)
Age: 21 (Oh hi there, ability to legally buy alcohol.)
Home: NJ (AKA South Jersey, the better part of NJ)
Favorite Current Flyer: BOB! (I have a goldfishie named after him!) And Pronger.
Favorite All-Time Flyer: Lappy Lappy Lappy HEY! (Ian Laperriere = Badassery on skates)
Favorite Sport that isn't hockey: Figure Skating, and Gymnastics too.
Random Fact: Evgeni Malkin is ugly. 

The Jaromir Jagr-Chris Pronger Transcript

Many people were shocked by the Flyers signing Jaromir Jagr last week. In fact, we all thought he would sign with the Penguins, Habs, or Red Wings, but then were surprised when in fact, Paul Holmgren inked Jagr. Later on in the day, it was revealed that Chris Pronger made a phone call to Mr. Jagr. Luckily the DGS Super Spies were able to snag a transcript of that call. Here it is, for you.

He's watching you, ready to trade you
as soon as you sign a long
term contract with a future NMC

Jagr- Dobré odpoledne. Já jsem Jaromír Jagr.

Pronger- Jaromir? This is Chris Pronger. We need to chat.

Jagr- Oh, Mr. Pronger, Lord of the Elbows.

Pronger- That's me!

Jagr- Why you call here?

Pronger- We need to talk.

Jagr- About?

Pronger- Who do you plan on signing with?

Jagr- The Penguins of course.

Pronger- Now why would you do that?

Pronger- We need to talk.

Jagr- Why?

Pronger- Because I don't like the Penguins

Jagr- But you're not playing for the Penguins, I am. What's the big deal?

Pronger- I don't like the Penguins.

Jagr- I don't see how this affects me, however.

Pronger- Do you remember my elbows? 

Jagr- Yes.

Pronger- What do my elbows do?

Jagr- Give people concussions. Break jaws. Injure people.

Pronger- Do you see where this is going? The cold Siberian winters haven't frozen your brain now have they.

Jagr- If I sign with Pittsburgh, you're going to elbow me, aren't you?

Pronger- 6 games, 3 periods, we each should have 10-12 shifts a game against each other. So, assume 20-24 elbows per game. 

Jagr- I shall sign with Philly, but there's no cap space. 

Pronger- Like cap space is a problem. Holmgren can't do math. Fleece him like I did. I have a 35+ contract worth nearly 5M per season. It runs until I'm 43.

Jagr- I shall call Holmgren now. Thank you, Mr. Pronger.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Theme Songs of the 2011 NHL Playoffs

(Editor's Note: HEY LOOK! DGS IS EXPANDING! Twitter's @ItsAFez66 has joined the team. I just snapped her up as a UFA yesterday. Don't worry though, I still have capspace. Hope PhillyGirl doesn't kill me. Anyway, enjoy her work.)

So, with hockey having ended for the season and the craziness of free agency upon us, I figured my first piece here on the awesome DownGoesSpezza blog should bring solely laughs.

So without further ado, I bring you:

Theme Songs of the 2011 NHL Playoffs

First, just for the hell of it, Atlanta Thrashers to the Winnipeg (Meese) Jets:
Now for the actual playoff stuff:
Dan Boyle (Sharks):
Scott Hartnell, Kris Versteeg (Flyers), Adam McQuaid (Bruins):
Danny Briere (Flyers):
Tim Thomas (Bruins):
Zdeno Chara (Bruins):
And lastly, Alex Burrows (Canucks):

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Matt Carle: Underrated

Matt Carle is probably the most underrated defenseman on the Flyers, if not the entire NHL.

No, I'm not crazy. Let's go back to my favorite thing in the world, math.

Who led NHL D-men in EV assists? Matt Carle, 37 (10 more than the nearest competitor, Brian Rafalski)
Who led NHL D-men in EV points? Matt Carle, 38, 2nd was Lubo Visnovsky at 37, but if you go by the ratio of EV points per EV 60 minutes played you see a more significant disparity
Lubo: 1.39 EV points per EV 60 minutes.
Carle: 1.51 EV points per EV 60 minutes

Even strength scoring is harder than PP scoring in that, a puck mover like Carle has a harder time finding open guys since 5-4 guarantees an open player, 5-5 does not. Now goals are a product of having a massive shot, something Carle doesn't have. He's a not a huge guy like Weber or Byfuglien or Chara or Pronger but he Carle's still solid there. 

More importantly, Carle is solid defensively as well. His 157 blocked shots were good for 17th in the league, 2nd on the Flyers. Carle had 33 Takeaways, which equals Norris Trophy winning Nick Lidstrom's total in the same category. Since Carle's a finesse defender, and not a big-body hitter, it's impressive that he equals Mr. Norris-Lidstrom in the takeaway category.

Carle's inability to score on the PP was not a reflection of his lack of talent, but rather the unit he was with, the entire Flyers PP was a joke. So hopefully that changes this upcoming season with all the other moves the Flyers made. Because if it does, Carle could be an elite D-man in the league.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The 2011 Flyers Free Agency Live Blog

My thoughts will be here. If you have questions, email them to and I'll answer them on here.

11:00am- James Wisniewski resigns with CBJ, 6ys 33M. His main responsibility is too tell everyone what Jeff Carter is doing every night.

11:57am- Ville Leino is going to hit the open market.

10:40pm- Blogger lives again for me, after crashing during today's frenzy. Sorry!