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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Other Bryzgalov Questions (WITH ANSWERS!) so it's the Bryzgalov FAQ

So, Devils writer Kevin from In Lou We Trust tweeted this earlier.

(See PetShark, I can put links in new windows!)

Anyway, as you see he asked the question, but luckily we have an answer....

Bryzgalov is Russian Toskala.

Anyway, Ilya Bryzgalov has a lot of questions and we have answers.

  1. Q: Why you heff to be mad?
    A: Philadelphia makes 2 trips to WPG and 2 OTT and 2 to BUF, this is 6 games too many for cold.

  2. Q: (When Bryz watches Hulu/YouTube) Why you heff to see ad?
    A: Because most people on the planet have yet to sucker Ed Snider into overpaying for their services so they sell commercials for cash.

  3. Q: (When watching Matt Cooke, Trevor Gillies and Raffi Torres) Why you heff to be bad?
    A: These are headshot artists, they have no talent.

  4. Q: Why you heff to be sad?
    A: Dan Ellis cries when he sees the Bryz contract. Every single day.

  5. Q: Why you heff to be glad?
    A: Ville Leino and Christian Ehrhoff are not ruining my team's salary cap. There's hope for Holmgren.

  6. Q: Why you heff to be rad?
    A: Evgeni Nabokov thinks he's cool and "rad" by not reporting but really...he's just old.

  7. Q: Why you heff to be dad?
    A: Oskars Bartulis already is.

  8. Q: Why you heff many pad?
    A: This room, with many pads, is where Rick DiPietro lives, we don't want him breaking an arm by walking around.
There, now you know.

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