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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Theme Songs of the 2011 NHL Playoffs

(Editor's Note: HEY LOOK! DGS IS EXPANDING! Twitter's @ItsAFez66 has joined the team. I just snapped her up as a UFA yesterday. Don't worry though, I still have capspace. Hope PhillyGirl doesn't kill me. Anyway, enjoy her work.)

So, with hockey having ended for the season and the craziness of free agency upon us, I figured my first piece here on the awesome DownGoesSpezza blog should bring solely laughs.

So without further ado, I bring you:

Theme Songs of the 2011 NHL Playoffs

First, just for the hell of it, Atlanta Thrashers to the Winnipeg (Meese) Jets:
Now for the actual playoff stuff:
Dan Boyle (Sharks):
Scott Hartnell, Kris Versteeg (Flyers), Adam McQuaid (Bruins):
Danny Briere (Flyers):
Tim Thomas (Bruins):
Zdeno Chara (Bruins):
And lastly, Alex Burrows (Canucks):


  1. "Another one bites the dust. Scott Hartnell" WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!?

  2. Joe - given the players selected (and knowing Fez from other venues), it's almost certainly referring to the inability of Hartnell, Versteeg, and McQuaid to remain vertical while on the ice for more than fifteen consecutive seconds.

  3. Ah, i see. you must excuse my nervousness. the way this off season has gone i can't help but think everyones for sale.

  4. And 15 seconds is overreaching it.