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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Letter from a Fan

(Editor's Note: DGS Reader "Rich" sent in this email detailing a personal story. It's a rather unbiased (at least in my opinion) look at how inappropriate games can get. Like the last post on the topic, I'm disabling comments, but if you want to add to the discussion, shoot me an email

I'm a STH, and while I'm basically indifferent to all things "activism" (call it oblivious?) I get a little irked at how liberally "fag" is tossed around at Flyers games. I have gay friends, shit I've even brought gay friends to games, and I hear it every single game. I've used it. I've been corrected by my friends for using it, and try not to. (To be fair I use it in the south park sense, where the bikers were all fags, and not as a slur, but I still try not to).

Anyway, to my point. I was at a playoff game, and some kid (22?) walks up to me, out of no where, and goes "Lets kill these fags tonight!" Really? thats how you introduce yourself and walk around a public place? I dont notice this stuff at CBP, nd I'll let the parking lots stand in their own right, its road warrior out there.

So today, a friend of mine posted an article on facebook about the Phils doing one of those "It gets better" videos, and I shared your article with her, and I think you should started an online petition or at least host it. BSH would probly throw a link up for it.

Heres the link, I think the got like 2000 sigs, I think that could happen.