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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Open Letter, to Dan Hamhuis

So apparently Dan Hamhuis would not sign with the Flyers, he wanted to be a #2 D-man, something he would not be able to do in Philly with the likes of Pronger, Carle, Timonen ahead of him. In the interest of intellectual discourse, and following in the spirit of Down Goes Brown and Don't Trade Vinny, we here at DGS present an open letter to Dan Hamhuis.

Hey, egocentric dirtbag!

Listen up! What the hell is wrong with you? We offered you the money you wanted and a chance to win, but no, you have to be the center of freaking attention. In case you didn't notice, you were traded for Ryan Parent. Let's realize this, Ryan Parent has a shot so weak, he couldn't beat Toskala's glove. So now you just got traded to the Penguins, who basically are using you to drive down the price to keep Sergei Gonchar. They don't want you, we did. Had you signed the deal Holmgren wanted to give you, we would have put a Stanley Cup winning team together, dominated the east, and won a cup. But no, for you, it's not about winning, it's not even about money, it's about being the center of attention. Get your head in the game, until then, you don't deserve to win, you don't deserve anything.

By the way, all may be forgiven. If you don't sign in Pittsburgh and come running back to Homer on July 1 begging for his offer, then guess what, you will become a hero to this city, because, not only did you join us, but you stole something from the Penguins. And Chris Pronger will be proud, he stole pucks, you stole picks. Just, don't get yourself suspended for any kind of tampering or anything along the way.


Flyers Fans

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