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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Morning Coffee Break: June 8

So, in following the tradition of many other sites, mainly Friday Funnies from Down Goes Brown, and Making Babies with Other Blogs from Blades of Funny as well as #FollowFriday on Twitter, Down Goes Spezza would like to present you with your Tuesday Morning Coffee Break, every so often, I'll post links to some of the best hockey humor that I've found scouring the internets. Who knows maybe I'll end up giving up World of Warcraft for this. In related news: DGS is still single.

  • Blades of Funny investigates the Flyers/Habs Sandgate incident. He has quite a few suspects and all of them seem rather interesting. Check it out before sand ends up on your skates
  • Down Goes Brown tells us what Ron Maclean was thinking when he saved a drowning man. DGB is comedic gold for anyone who hasn't seen his site yet.
  • Stay Classy has the exclusive transcript of a conversation between Jason Spezza and Bryan Murray. Spezza is kind of important to me you know....
  • Don't Trade Vinny, my blogging brother, good friend, and all around good (single) guy checks in this week as well, ladies, visit his site and help him out. Anyway, DTV shows us the NHL's charitable side with a post on heroism in hockey.
  • Intent to Blow spends a day with Chris Pronger, something that I would love to do but have not been able to.
  • Wings Win Eh has an interesting take on life without hockey. Check out these Red Wings fans getting into another sport, competitive spelling. I enjoyed it.
  • Bloge Salming's video "How To Pronounce Byfuglien" finally explains many things...

Anyway, thanks for reading. Now get back to work before you get fired for reading too much hockey humor!

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