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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Game 5 Stanley Cup Finals: Flyers @ Blackhawks Liveblog

Hey everyone! DGS is live blogging this one.

Follow me on twitter as well for more updates and stuff during the game.


Probable Flyers lineup for tonight:

Gagne 12-Richards 18 (C)-Carter 17
Leino 22-Briere 48-Hartnell 19
JvR 21-Giroux 28-Asham 45
Powe 36-Betts 11-Laperriere 14

Carle 25-Pronger 20 (A)
Coburn 5-Timonen 44 (A)
Krajicek 2-Bartulis 3

Leighton 49 starting
Boucher 33 on the bench


LW Riley Cote 32: Coach's Decision
D Ryan Parent 77: Coach's Decision
D Danny Syvret 26: Coach's Decision
LW Dan Carcillo 13: Coach's Decision
RW David Laliberte 9: Coach's Decision
G Johan Backlund 30: Coach's Decision
G Ray Emery 29: Hip Injury

Blackhawks Lines

Probably will be juggled beyond belief, so I won't even try their forwards



Yes, if I were Joel Q. I'd drop Hjallmarsson down after that disaster of a Game 4.

DGS Prediction: Flyers 4 Blackhawks 3

Pronger continues to own Byfuglien, Niemi's continues to play like Toskala.

8:09PM I turn on my tv to see Pierre McGuire and Jeremy Roenick...find myself wishing JR spears McGuire.

8:11PM Jeremy Roenick still loves being on tv, Pierre McGuire is still a creepy douche...some things never change.

8:25PM Pierre hasn't talked about the "monster" battle between Byfuglien and Pronger, something may be wrong with Pierre...

8:34PM Down Goes Brown talked about missing NHL items well, one more has been found from that list

The item: A Philadelphia Flyers playoff-caliber goaltender
Missing since: 1996
Case details: Oddly enough, the team's front office seems completely unaware that anything is missing.
Investigation status: If we can't solve it now, there's always next year. And the next. And the next..

Paul Holmgren scoured the Waiver Wire and found Michael Leighton, problem solved

8:40PM Hartnell's hair takes a tripping penalty, cavemen everywhere sue.

8:45PM I will end this live blog because of how the Flyers play when I do this sort of least later...

8:49PM Pierre still hasn't said monster...

8:51PM The Flyers do this when I live blog...peace out til the intermissions

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