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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flyers Strategies for Winning Game 3

As we have seen, the Flyers dropped 2 out in the Windy City to fall into a 2-0 situation. However, in order to come back, the Flyers have devised a slightly devious strategy for coming back. Just like the Boston series, the Flyers have a few tricks up their sleeves, and we here at DGS know just what they are. So, loyal readers, here is your list of Flyers strategies for Game 3.

  • Dan Carcillo will now only hit members of the Blackhawks.
  • Flyers goaltenders finally were told that Patrick Sharp and Ben Eager no longer play on their team, also Mike Leighton finally was informed that he doesn't play for the Blackhawks anymore.
  • Will confuse Chicago scorers by having every goalie that dressed this season suited up and on the ice during pregame warmups.
  • Chris Pronger will confuse the Hawks by bringing the extra pucks onto the ice.
  • When getting his ride to the game, local Cab Drivers have been instructed to not give correct change to Patrick Kane
  • The team will remind Marian Hossa that he is in fact, still Marian Hossa
  • Super secret agents kidnapped opposing Finnish goaltender Antti Niemi and replaced him with another famous Finnish goaltender, Vesa Toskala. (DGS Note: This also happened during the Game 7 Timeout in Boston).
  • Since we have hockey in June, the Flyers, stealing a Habs idea, will put sand in the tunnel from the Hawks bench to the locker room to remind them that it's almost beach front vacation time.
  • Ruined Duncan Keith's morale by saying "hey, I'm real happy for you and all, and Imma let you finish but I just want you to know that Lappy came back from the best injury ever, best injury ever"

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