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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Analyzing the Hamhuis for Parent trade

So Parent is gone and Dan Hamhuis is in...another Dan to worry about...but a good deal for the Flyers. Parent was expendable and his back problems are now Nashville's problems. Hammer if he signs, will be a good addition to an already strong blueline, and if not, well a 7th round draft pick for Parent is still overpaying for him. If the Flyers keep Coburn, then i would say that the Flyers have the best defense in the NHL next year. Pronger, Kimmo, Coburn, Hamhuis, Bartulis and whoever gets that 6th spot, candidates include Danny Syvret, Joonas Lehtuvuori, and any number of possible draft/free agent/trade pickups.

All in all, DGS likes. So do many Flyers fans all over the world.


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  1. If the Flyers keep Coburn, and sign Hammer,


    uhh, I think even Vesa Toskala could play goal and look good with that in front of him.