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Friday, June 25, 2010

Things to Do in Anticipation of NHL 11

So, with some new features of NHL 11 being announced, we at DGS got really excited in anticipation of the game's release. After reading that article, we noticed that several things were missing from this game that should be included. Luckily, we have the list right here. So EA Sports, if you're reading, here is what you need to make NHL 11 totally awesome

First off: Mini Games! We all love the, like the mini shoot out game and such, but branch out a little guys seriously. We have a couple ideas for you

Buffet Wars:
Have Tim Thomas, Martin Brodeur, and Kyle Wellwood in line at a buffet table, most food consumed in a set amount of time wins.

Sloppy Seconds:
Basically a game where Sean Avery picks up your favorite players ex, then unleashes a series of silly comments about it.

Auger Mode aka Ref Mode
Basically, you become the referee, if you want to go out and get someone, but don't feel like fighting them, bingo, you have an alternative.

Also, for more realistic game play:

The following things should happen:

-Players refuse to sign contracts with Edmonton
-Marian Gaborik should be injured every time he touches the puck
-Moving Rick DiPietro out of the goal crease results in his receiving a crippling knee injury
-Mike Green will NOT play defense

Have "playoff attributes" for when your team in GM mode hits the post season, this will result in the following changes:

-Any player on the San Jose Sharks having their rating drop from 90 to 0
-Joe Thornton actually ends up with negative attributes in the playoffs
-Jaroslav Halak's rating is equal to those shooting against him
-Ville Leino and Danny Briere get perfect ratings in the playoffs only,
-Alex Semin disappears

Bring in a "dive mode"

Basically, instead of deking, certain players, like Crosby, Carcillo, Max Lapierre will all dive rather than deke around checks.

More Realistic GM Mode:

Need to unload a horrible contract: Don't worry, MTL will trade for it.
Need to acquire first round draft picks: The Maple Leafs are selling.
Need to acquire NHL talent for Vesa Toskala: Calgary's here to help
Need to throw out NTCs like candy: JFJ is in the house

More Realistic Crowds:
ACC is empty
Habs fans riot after games
During Senators/Leafs games in Ottawa, Senators players get to hear the Boos
Southern US Markets get next to nil attendance

If we missed something, include it in the comments please.

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