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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things Ryan Parent Could Have Been Traded For

Ok DGS back today, with a post from the Real DGS, rather than Amy, who was filling in for me while I was under the weather.

It seems that the Nashville Predators overpaid a bit for Ryan Parent. I mean, talent-wise Dan Hamhuis is far and away above what Parent is, Hamhuis could be a future top d-man on a team, Parent, if he stays healthy and plays to the top of his potential, could be a #3/#4 D-man who sees PK duty.

Parent's kinda useless, sure he's an decent PK guy, but his even strength numbers are kinda scary bad. Also, he handles the puck with the same skill, poise and dexterity as Sean Avery handles words and maturity.

Parent also is shaping up to rival Rick DiPietro for the most injury plagued career. For any NY Yankees fans out there, think about the $39,950,000 mistake called Carl Pavano.

But enough with that, should the Predators attempt to move Ryan Parent, I have a list of things that would be fair compensation.

  • A bag of pucks
  • Any NJ Devils backup goaltender (only thing in hockey that sees less ice time than Parent)
  • Vesa Toskala
  • Anyone half as good as Alex Daigle
  • A spare water bottle
  • Anyone JFJ thinks is good
  • Joe Thornton Playoff Edition
  • Michael Leighton, Road Stanley Cup Finals Edition
  • Lee Stempniak: Maple Leafs Edition
  • Andrew Raycroft


  1. Dude, you can do better. You know that. Even with the Pavano joke, which made this post almost not totally suck. First DGB, now you, what happened?

  2. If Parent was traded for Toskala, the guy who gets Parent looks like a genius. Parent may be bad, but he doesn't get scored on from 200 FT by an AHL defenseman

  3. You haven't paid any attention to the news today...or have you?

  4. Dur, I'm an idiot. CLASSIC DGS. Keyword: Classic.

    Pay no attention here.