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Thursday, June 24, 2010

It is official

Guess what readers: DGS is taking on a 5th person!

Amy D. has officially joined the DGS crew, she's gonna help us out with writing and we look forward to seeing what her creative energy will bring to the team. If you want to reach her, send an Email to and put "For Amy" in the subject line.

For anyone who's wondering, #DGSDateWatch is NOT over.

Name: Amy D.
Age: 22
Favorite Current Flyer: Simon Gagne, the face of the franchise and longest tenured player
Favorite All Time Flyer: Bernie Parent, the man who gave us our Cups
Favorite Sport Other Than Hockey: Gymnastics, because I was a gymnast in my youth
From: Born in NJ, now in CT, soon to be off to VT
Random Fact: My favorite food is shrimp scampi made with inhuman amounts of garlic.

Amy's comments:

"I'm really happy to be joining the DGS team, I love the Flyers and support the, even though I live Connecticut and am surrounded by Bruins and Rangers fans. This

Yes, we are total losers who hold "press conferences" for our changes in the team

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