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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Morning Coffee Break: June 29

Hey hey, another coffee break, another day to wonder about what else is going on in the hockey world. Guess what, DGS has the answers, check them out below.

  • Grades on the Draft: Brought to you by Puck Daddy at Yahoo sports. He handles this with his normal style and flair, good draft day post, also, saves me the time of grading NHL teams not based in Philadelphia.
  • The Hall of Fame: Our Blogging Idol, Down Goes Brown looks at the cases for the Hockey Hall of Fame, he comes with interesting conclusions, hilarity ensues.
  • Meet Guy Boucher: DGS's blogging brother, Don't Trade Vinny, helps Bolts fans get to know new coach Guy Boucher by comparing him to previous coach Rick Tocchet. First time I read this, I legitimately almost choked to death on the pizza I was eating.
  • Source of NHL Trade Rumors Revealed: Coming to you with Intent to Blow, err..from Intent to Blow, yeah, they have how NHL trade rumors get made, Eklund is again, the worst source ever.
And for a non hockey perspective on the offseason; WingsWinEh discusses animal mating rituals. Kinda creepy but fun none the less.

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