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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ways DGS is Surviving Until July 1

Ok, July 1 is still a few days a way. And with that, DGS has a list of things you can do to survive until then without going crazy, and still getting your hockey fix.

  • Sporcle's sports section: A gaming site for trivia and brain teasers, a lot of fun ways to kill time playing the hockey, or other sports related games. A favorite of the DGS Staff when killing time.
  • Ctrl/Alt/Del or XKCD : Yes I know, not quite hockey related, but still, a good way to relax and have a laugh, especially useful for players just drafted by the Oilers.
  • Photoshopping fun: Ask Don't Trade Vinny about that, seriously funny, and almost always leads to a good time.
  • World of Warcraft: Seriously, it works for me, that is until I want a girlfriend...(Amy's Note: This can be dangerous for anyone in a relationship.)
  • Start Your Own Hockey Blog: In all fairness, you can talk to the world about the sport, and have your views

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