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Monday, June 14, 2010

Flyers Summer 2010 Offseason Needs, Part 1

So, with the season over, and sometime to digest the second place finish in the NHL. I will once again say this, congratulations to the Philadelphia Flyers, winners of the Prince of Wales trophy.

Well, with the season officially over, one must now look at the upcoming offseason, so I’m going to post what the Flyers need. For the record, I get all of my salary cap numbers from here so if you need to dispute me on something, that’s my source.

Now in order to start this, I'm gonna look at the 09-10 forwards based on the last lineup the Flyers dressed:


Scratches: Carcillo, Cote, Laliberte, Nodl, Ross

How I think 10-11 will shape up:

Hartnell-Briere-Leino (Seriously, after their Finals showing, how can this NOT be the top line)
Richards-Carter-Giroux (Giroux's pretty goals IMO bump him up)
Gagne-JvR-Asham (JvR's been taking shifts in practice at center, like Giroux in 09-10, third line reps will get him experience)

Asham's UFA but if he resigns for say...2 years 750K, I'd be really happy

Carcillo's an interesting case, I have an up and down relationship with him. Asham does everything Carbomb does, with more discipline and better hands, but Carcillo's got a unique energy about him that lends itself to playing in Philly, I'm willing to keep him around for no more than 1.3 Million, at the same time, if we can trade him and land someone like a true #1 goalie

That's right, I peg 11 or all 12 of the forwards to return next year. Scott Hartnell saved his butt by having the Finals that he did, that being said, in my humble opinion, I think he's also the most likely to be moved. More on that later.

Who's expendable

The Player: Scott Hartnell
Why Expendable: Didn't perform well during the season and doesn't fit Lavi's up tempo system
Why He'd Be Wanted: His postseason numbers
Possible Destination: Toronto for Tomas Kaberle, Boston for Tim Thomas, Montreal for a first round draft pick or PK Subban, San Jose (Assuming Nabby stays and Marleau walks) for Thomas Greiss

The Player: Brian Boucher
Why Expendable: His regular season numbers
Why He'd Be Wanted: His 5 playoff games against the Devils
Possible Destination: Montreal, Dallas, San Jose, Chicago
To Montreal: For Carey Price in order to allow the Habs the cap space to keep Halak
To Dallas: for a 2nd round draft pick and a decent prospect D-man
To Chicago: For Dustin Byfuglien, I might be dreaming here but as WWEh noticed, the 'Hawks have massive cap problems next year and they could save ~$2 million
To San Jose: Assuming Nabby leaves and Marleau stays, the Sharks need a goaltender who comes cheap, that's Boucher, the Flyers could hopefully get a 4th round pick and a decent D-man for him

The Player: Andreas Nodl
Why Expendable: Too much depth at forward
Why He'd be Wanted: Solid depth forward, never will be above third line status, comes cheap
Possible Destination: Toronto, Montreal, Tampa Bay, Florida
To Toronto: oh wait, sorry, Burke won't trade for a European
To Montreal: The Habs DID trade for Scott, yeah...maybe Nodl goes here
Tampa Bay: Matt Smaby could play D for us, but honestly, TBL has nothing I'd really be interested in...other than Vinny, but a package of Hartnell, Nodl and Boucher for Vinny...seems fair to me...DTV is gonna shoot himself now...

The Needs:

this is easier to look at:

A real third D-pair
a real goalie

Later this week, I plan on doing a free agency based post with where the Flyers should go


  1. If you guys get Vinny, you might have a new roommate.

  2. I'm just gonna point out a few things I noticed while reading this:

    - So, Asham does everything Carcillo does, only better, yet Carcillo is worth almost twice as much money and a #1 goalie in a trade? Dream on.

    - Hartnell is a second line power forward with a lucky post-season streak. That's the reality. He is not worth a top 2 defenseman, a former Vezina winner, nor one of the top D-man prospects in the league in the mind of any person with logic and intellignece on their side. Also, he is certainly worth way, WAY more than a shitty, unproven German backup goalie though. 0 for 4 ain't bad.

    - Boucher is a solid backup who can get streaky and steal a few games. He is not worth a potential #1 goalie or one of the best in-front-of-the-net guys in the league without a Winged Wheel on his jersey. As for the Dallas and San Jose options, how on Earth is he worth a 4th rounder and a D-man in one place, yet a 2nd rounder and a prospect in another? Do you read what you write before you post it?

    - You have a 14th forward, a 2nd line power forward, and a backup goalie going for a top 25 player in the league? Wow, Yzerman may be new to the whole GM thing, but as far as I am aware he has no mental handicaps so I don't think that trade is gonna happen anytime soon.

    You should probably stick to doing shitty, unfunny rip-offs of WWEh? and DGB posts rather than trying to come up with anything from your own mind because frankly, after reading this, I highly doubt you even have one.

  3. To the above poster:

    I don't know you, hell you're so brave you posted under the "anonymous" banner, I don't know DGS, but I'm an occasional visitor to this site who's commenting for the first time and I have something to say to you. If you don't like what's DGS is writing there's a simple solution, stop visiting his site. Don't troll it like some 6 year old with no life because quite frankly, you're the one without a mind. Obviously the Vinny trade comment he made was intended to be sarcastic, if you read DGS and DTV posts, or possibly checked out the twitter feed, you'd see that DGS and DTV have a habit of poking fun at each other.

    Does DGS believe that a random crap for Vincent Lecavalier trade will happen? Answer is, probably not. Did DGS try to make a joke that only long time loyal readers like DTV would understand? Yes, I believe he did, but I don't know the person who writes this blog.

    Also, does DGS take stuff from other blogs, yes, and if you actually read you'd notice that he's pretty good about giving credit to the original authors, and take the time to notice the sarcasm, you'd realise that.

    Also, before you attempt to call me some Flyers fan sticking up for my team's blogger, I'm an Islanders fan, I can't stand the Flyers but I come here because, DGS is usually fairly entertaining.

    Fact is, you're a troll with no life, get over yourself. You're entitled to your opinions but if you really don't like this site, then Shut the Fuck up and get the fuck out of here.