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Monday, June 28, 2010

Flyers Draft Review

Round 1: Yeah, about that, we got Chris Pronger last July so this pick went to Anaheim.

Round 2: Hey hey, no picks here either, looks like Homer wanted Burkie to have a friend.

Round 3: 89th overall: Flyers take C Michael Chaput

Quotable: “I’m very excited. I actually never talked to the Flyers before the draft or anything so it was quite a surprise,” said Chaput when hearing his name called. “I can bring energy and a lot of work to this team. I think I’m an energy guy pretty much on the ice I can go out there and give 100 percent on every shift. I’m also able to score some goals, so maybe [I am] a third line guy that can bring some offensive game also.”

Size:6'2'' 194
Shoots: Left

DGS Thoughts: 3rd line energy center/forward...could spell the end of Arron Asham or Dan Carcillo in a couple years, I assume Asham will resign for another 2 years at 700k-800k and Carbomb will get a similar deal, only in the 1.1-1.3million cap hit range.

Round 4: 119 overall: Flyers take LW Tye McGinn

Size: 6'2" 205
Shoots: Left

DGS Thoughts: McGinn has some offensive potential, good size at 6'2" 205. He doubled his offensive output in the Q this last year. I like what I've heard on the kid, hopefully this year wasn't a fluke and he can develop. Could be a good depth forward, sort of comparable to David Laliberte in terms of game style.

Round 5: 149th Overall: RW Mike Parks

Size: 5'10 188lbs
Shoots: Right

Quote: “I’m going to play another year in the USHL with Cedar Rapids and then I’m going to attend the University of North Dakota in the fall of 2011 and just start my college career then,” added Parks. “Then I will just take it year-by-year and see how it goes.”

Decent stats, decent size, decent all around, but nothing that really jumps out at me. He talks about playing all 3 zones well, his size compares him to Mike Richards (5'11 195) his willingness to grind it out as a defensive forward screams Blair Betts to me. I see him fitting in like Blair Betts/Sami Kapanen/Darroll Powe in a couple years, developing into a solid 3rd line checker who can be a good PK guy at best, and at worst, he plays out his entry level contract and is a no harm no foul low risk pick.

Round 6: 179th Overall: Nick Luukko D

Size: 6'2" 185lbs
Shoots: Right

The son of the owner, no wonder why. Honestly, though, we could have a gem in the rough here. Also, I like that we finally have a right shooting D-man somewhere in the system, (David Sloane is the other), both are local kids. Luuko will get a few more years to develop when he hits the U of Vermont in Fall 2011.

Round 7: 206 overall Ricard Blidstrand D (Pick acquired from Carolina for AHL C Jon Matsumoto) and 209 overall Brendan Ranford LW

Size: 6'2" 206lbs
Shoots: Left

Swedish junior player. From what little I've seen on this guy, he reminds me of Lasse Kukkonen...*GULP*

Size: 5'10" 182lbs
Shoots: Left

Nephew of former NHL goalie Bill Ranford. Put of decent offensive numbers in the WHL last year. 29G 36A 65P, 83PIMS 72GP. Was a PP threat up there too. Kinda small, comparable in size to Claude Giroux (5'11" 172) but doesn't have Giroux's hands. Another guy who I could see being an NHL depth player, AHL mainstay.

Trades during Draft:

1. AHL C Jon Matsumoto to Carolina for a 7th round draft pick in 2010: (206 overall)

2. D Dan Hamhuis (we're writing you a letter later this week Danny boy) to Pittsburgh for a 3rd round draft pick in 2011

3. 7th Round draft pick in 2011 to San Jose for G Evgeni Nabokov (trade conditional on Nabby signing a contract before July 1)

4. Flyers also apparently talked to Dallas G Marty Turco, offered him 3 yr/$2 cap hit. Turco turned it down...more to come.

Biggest Surprise: Hamhuis being traded to the Pens

Most Obvious Selection: Nick Luukko D, he's the son of Comcast-Spectacor chairman Peter Luukko, yeah, that's why he got taken.

Biggest Disappointment: Not signing Dam Hamhuis

Biggest Win: *If we get Nabby for a 7th rounder, than Homer pulled off a another steal, if not, then dumping Parent and getting a 3rd rounder from the Pens is still a win, even if they sign Hamhuis, more later on the Curious Case of Dan Hamhuis.

So there you go, Flyers thoughts on the draft. All things considered, the lack of picks in the first 2 rounds left the Flyers with the only option of going for depth which they did. Expect most of these guys to possibly get a look at the AHL Phantoms this season, because the Phantoms were horrible this past season and therefore should be retooled.

Where the Flyers go from here:

GOALTENDING!!!!!! Nabby or Turco are the best bets, if they can sign reasonable contracts. I'll rank goalies later this week in detail because of how important this is to the Flyers. I can't remember who said this, but I think this quote hits the nail on the head,

"The Flyers Defense is great, and can make average netminders like Leighton and Boucher look like Vezina winners when they their top game, but the Flyers NEED a goalie who can pick up the D when they have an off night"

Until next time...GO FLYERS!

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