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Friday, April 16, 2010

Seven Signs the Flyers will win the Stanley Cup in 2010

Yes, I know, the Flyers supposedly don't have a shot this year, that's what all the experts are saying, well guess what. That's what the Flyers want you to think, because secretly, they have a plan to win it all. It's a 7 step plan, and here it is:

Seven Signs That the Philadelphia Flyers Might Win the Stanley Cup this year:

1. Came up with a new defensive strategy centered along the idea of Dan Carcillo getting acquainted with the other team’s leading scorer

2. If the above fails, Chris Pronger comes to the rescue

3. In order to prevent the other team’s shooters from finding patterns in the Flyers goaltending, the Flyers dressed a different pair of goalies every game.

4. The Flyers did NOT sign Marion Hossa this past offseason

5. Implemented new pregame strategy of broadcasting recordings of Mike Richards speaking into the other team’s locker room to put them to sleep before every game

6. Had their diverse goaltenders bond over the element of shared trips to the hospital for MRIs

7. Told Brian Boucher it’s 2000 again


  1. Very solid!
    You make a very good point in not signing Hossa, because remember, you can't spell A$$hole without Hossa!

  2. Thank you! So far, this seems to be coming true which is also nice.