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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Thoughts on the Upcoming Game Sevens of the First Round

With the game seven’s upcoming I find it necessary to share my wisdom about Game 7’s. See, the idea that Game 7 can be won via home ice is kind of a myth, it’s basically one game, but without 50/50 odds. Luckily for you, we here at Down Goes Spezza have the ways to tell who’s going to win the first round Game 7’s. Up today is the Coyotes and Red Wings, tomorrow we have the Habs and Caps. So, here’s the low down on the Coyotes and Red Wings, look for a post tomorrow outlining the Habs and Caps.

Don’t worry, I won’t turn my back on that series, Ovechkin might run me into the boards if I do.

Red Wings at Coyotes

Red Wings Analysis:

Pro: Have a habit of winning playoff series

Con: May be curious to feel what it’s like to drop out in the first round for a change

Pro: Have a future Hall of Fame goaltender in Chris Osgood

Con: He isn’t starting

Pro: Had 9 Olympic caliber players on their roster

Con: None of whom won a gold medal

Coyotes Analysis:

Pro: Have a roster of unknowns which make scouting the team impossible

Con: Have a roster of unknowns makes it hard to find your teammates

Pro: Have a loyal fan base who partakes in the great “white out” tradition

Con: Have to play game 7 in one of the most hazardous cities in the USA as ice cannot survive in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pro: May be relaxed from enjoying the warm summer weather that Phoenix has.

Con: Team may need time to find a vacation spot before leaving Phoenix, welcome to Loser City.

Who’s going to win?

Real easy to see, the Coyotes have this one in the bag mainly because Gary Bettman loves it when failing small market southern teams in the USA come in and destroy powerful storied NHL franchises.

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  1. Bet you want to take that one back now...