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Friday, April 30, 2010

Flyers Bruins Preview

We here at Down Goes Spezza are happy to provide you with an analysis of the upcoming second round playoff series between the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins.

Season Series:

Flyers: 2-1-1

Bruins: 2-1-1

What the FUCK?!?! That’s right; both teams “won” the season series

Gary Bettman, what the fuck happened? Fix this now please and thanks, ok?

Five Signs the Flyers will win this Series:

5. With Gagne, Carter, Lappy, Leighton, and Emery all out, the Flyers have a well rested roster of youthful kids.

4. Brian Boucher is on the same stuff that made Ray Emery good in 2007

3. Brian Boucher decided not to choke in the postseason

2. The Flyers employ a dynamic defensive system of shot blocking and positioning, but when all else fails, Chris Pronger maims opposing players

1. Because there are 7 signs the Flyers will win the Stanley Cup in 2010

Five Signs the Bruins are going to lose this series

5. Marc Savard has decided he likes the vacation time

4. Zdeno Chara faints from lack of oxygen that high up

3. Hmm, maybe the fact that the Flyers “won” the season series

2. Correction the Flyers “won” the series in games played in hockey arenas

1. Tuukka Rask just got informed that he is a rookie

The Official Down Goes Spezza Game by Game Predictions:

Game 1 in Boston

Flyers 3
Boston 1

Game 2 in Boston

Flyers 2
Boston 3

Game 3 in Philly

Flyers 1
Boston 0

Game 4 in Philly

Flyers 3
Boston 1

Game 5 in Boston

Flyers 0
Boston 2

Game 6 in Philly

Flyers 3
Boston 2

That’s right, I got the Flyers in 6.

It’s also important to note Gagne should be back for game 5 or 6 and hopefully Mike Leighton will be back as well, because, you know the Flyers goaltending's been more crippled than someone who turns their back on Ovechkin. Seriously, even Stephane Auger can't 'get' this many people. Yes, I'm burying that joke into the ice, like someone racing Marian Hossa on a possible icing call.

PS: Neither team can possibly pull off a Capital choke job in this series.


  1. I hate to break it to you, but your addition in your game predictions is off. If you went by those predictions, the series would be tied 3-3, and there would be a seventh game.