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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Real Reasons the NJ Devils Are Almost Bankrupt

So, according to the NY Post,  (

The NJ Devils are possibly bankrupt. As DGS always does, we sent the Super-Spies out to find out why. Needless to say, what they uncovered made us start to smirk.

Reasons the NJ Devils are bankrupt.

1. Not really sure if it's relevant, but Devils ownership is beginning to wonder if they could have saved $100M by leaving Ilya Kovalchuk in LA.

2. Noticed tons of money went missing after one night where John MacLean volunteered to coach the accountants.

3. Team meal expenses have tripled since 1991. Unrelated: Martin Brodeur became a Devil in 1991.

4. Cleaning bills for jelly and broken glass get expensive.

5. Something about "trap" based income where one doesn't market, doesn't invest and expects to turn profits.

6. Brian LOLston.

7. Gary Bettman rejected all income the Devils have made since becoming commissioner on account of "Phoenix Circumvention"

8. Driving the Devil's bankrupt to relocation, fits the NHL's idea of relocating 29 franchises before Phoenix.

9. The Devils are rethinking their idea of trying to beat the Islanders at everything.

10. On second thought, following the Mets business model probably wasn't the best of ideas.


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