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Friday, September 23, 2011

Support Wayne Simmonds

This post isn't about humor, it's about humanity. It's about doing the right thing. So it's basically two open letters; one to the piece of racist scum in London, Ontario the other to Wayne Simmonds.

Dear Racist Piece of Scum,

You are, quite literally, useless, talentless, worthless and disgraceful. You are a personification of one of the greatest evils on the planet today. I don't know if you were trying to be funny, "cool" or just so insecure that you had to get yourself going by pulling this pathetic stunt, and quite honestly, you should be found and banned from any hockey game at any level for the rest of your life. Also, whomever delivered this gem of a quote to Frank Seravali
"I would have went and kicked that fan's ass myself," one teammate said, asking to remain nameless. "That's just not right."
Should be allowed to deliver on that promise. You like that right? It's 2011, and what you did wasn't funny. It was pathetic. The best part is, you may be famous, but you literally have tens of thousands of enemies now. Kinda funny isn't it. You're little joke turned 10,000 people completely against you.


(Yeah, I own what I write and what I do.)

Now, onto something more important and less angry.

Dear Wayne Simmonds,

You are far more classy and diplomatic than I could ever hope to be. I envy you for that. I envy how easily you can deal with idiots and wish I had the patience and class you showed earlier. I'm also incredibly sorry that you had to show that class in the way you did earlier tonight. It's pretty sad that people can't accept you as a hockey player with 40 point skill who plays with some grit and physical nature. It's sad that no one will remember your goal to tie the game tonight or your nice shootout goal. These were two nice accomplishments that need to remembered. Someone instead ruined that.

Wayne, it's sad you need to feel like this is normal, it shouldn't be. You are a hockey player. You are an NHL player. You play on a team that's a perennial contender and is expected to always be in or near the Stanley Cup Finals. We shouldn't be talking about this right now, we should be asking you different questions. I'd much rather hear you answer this, "How do you feel about your new home in Philly?" or "When you started your approach in the shootout to score, did you know what move you wanted to use?" or "Did you enjoy playing in the small London building?" and not all the other crap.

To the unnamed teammate who said they'd kick that idiot's ass. If you know who that teammate is, that person is a true friend. Tell them not to be afraid to tell us who they are, because every single person who's reading this piece right now will have respect for them.

You may not be on twitter, but some of your teammates (Matt Carle, JvR, Ian Laperriere, and others) are. Tell them to check out my feed. ( or do it yourself, there's a ton of messages that I "retweeted" or RT'd, showing that the world supports you because you're a human being. One of the best responses came from Becca, a Caps fan, @BeccaH_JR, she said the outrage shown shows that humanity is one step closer to eliminating racism. If you saw what I saw, you'd realize you don't have to deal with this, you shouldn't have to deal with this, and you will never be knocked on from most people for your skin color. All most of us care about is your ability to play hockey.

So, Wayne, lace up the skates, play the best hockey you can play, and continue to be the hero you have become. You just passed Scott Hartnell, Jody Shelley and Chris Pronger as my favorite Flyers. I'm proud to have you representing my team.


Matt B.

The DGS Team Leader.

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  1. I really hope he sees this, as well as the Wayne Simmonds tribute on Broad Street Hockey. He is the fucking man and he's one of my new favorite Flyers already for how he plays the game and is a class act. Can't wait to see him tear it up for years to come in Philly. Fuck racism.