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Friday, February 11, 2011

Claude Giroux's Nicknames

So as I learned from a story written by my good buddy Steve Whyno. Claude Giroux has a nickname compliments of Braydon Coburn; "Puck Wizard". Well the DGS SuperSpies did a little digging and they found out a list of OTHER nicknames Giroux has and how he got them. Because we believe in educating Flyerdom on the players nicknames, we're gonna share what we learned.

Nickname: Ginger Midget
Story Behind It: Claude's a Ginger kid...and he's short

Nickname: Dink the Clown
Story Behind It: Well; Claude shares a name with a midget wrestler from the 80s.

(Editor's Note: DGS is short too, he's probably shorter than Giroux.)

Nickname: The Deke-Master
Story Behind It: With moves like these, it's self explanatory

Nickname: Dicky
Story Behind it: Against the Capitals; back in November, Mr. Giroux scored a goal with well...part of his body.

Nickname: Claude Briere
Story Behind it: Lives with Danny, is Danny's kid's oldest brother. Yeah; he's a G like that.

So there you have it, Claude's nicknames.

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