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Monday, February 14, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Week 6

Happy Valentine's Day Glove -

We'll get into how the weekend went shortly, but I need to ask you a personal question first. You know you're my one true love and all, but I need your opinion on what to get the wife. She's been following me around the league for ten years, she has to be sick of me by now. You think this would put her over the edge? I thought she might see the humor in it. Okay, yeah, you're right as usual. Not a good idea. She'd probably waive me, too.

So back to the weekend. Saturday night we played the baby Penguins (number one team in the AHL) and I got to start. I was fantastic. Stopped everything they tossed my way - 28 shots in total for my second consecutive shutout. Yeah I know, their top seven scorers weren't in the line up, but think about it. When your team can only muster up one goal on 18 shots, you have to stop everything that comes your way, no matter who's shooting it. Got first star of the game and second star in the entire AHL on Saturday night. Woohoo for me.

If Saturday was my high of the weekend, Sunday was definitely the low. Got my third consecutive start, but gave up four goals, including an overtime goal. Blew two leads. Yeah, I know, not my best work. I did have a few amazing saves, but they don't mean nothing when you lose. The overtime goal went in and I just went straight for the locker room. I was not happy with myself.

We'll see if coach goes back to his pet on Wednesday. But at least I can say I had a 157:45 minute shutout streak. 31 career AHL shutouts. Here's hoping I don't get the chance to break the record of 45.

Hugs & Roses,


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