Fan vs Fan

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Diary of Evgeni Malkin

I score lots of goal

I win nice trophy!

I have hot girlfriend

I got owned by a 19 year old rookie...


  1. Wow, just found your site today. You guys are just like Down Goes Brown, except if he wasn't funny and was a total toolbag in his attempts to make "comedy."

    Seriously, I didn't laugh once after going through about 15 of you posts.

    Let me give you a hint: part of the Master's ( talkin’ bout DGB of course) charm is that he is self depreciating and his humanity comes out in the self-realization that his life is spent loyally rooting for a totally hapless franchise.

    You guys are also huge fans of a nearly just as hapless franchise. And yet you come across as total douchey cry babies.

    You are awarded no points, and my God have mercy on your souls.