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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daria Meets the NHL

As many of you know, I've recently become obsessed with the show Daria. It got me thinking, what if NHL players/personalities were actually Daria characters.

Daria Morgendorfer: the protagonist of the show, she's quick-witted, intelligent and loves to troll.

Here is Daria trolling her own sister...

Remind you of someone....Daria Morgendorfer is Chris Pronger.

Brittany: The clueless dumb blonde cheerleader stereotype. She has no redeeming social value or intelligence or talent....

Remind you of someone....Brittany is any goon...

Trent Lane: Jane's underachieving, lazy, older brother. He plays in a band called Mystik Spyral. He doesn't have a real job,

Sadly you can't embed the video: 
It's Trent accepting an alternate plan, of sitting around doing nothing because Jane and Daria won't trust him to actually do anything complicated despite Trent being the only "adult" in the situation...

As my girlfriend is a CaroLOLna Hurricanes fan, I know that Trent is.....TOMAS KABERLE!

Jane Lane: Jane is Daria's best friend. She also attempts to BE Daria a few times despite not being as smart. They're an inseparable pair.

Since Daria is Chris Pronger and Jane is trying to be her, Jane Lane is.... Matt Carle, Ryan Suter, Shea Weber, Andrej Meszaros, Andreas Lilja, Luke Schenn....oh dear god the Flyers defense is totally screwed.

Mr. DeMartino:  The angry, misanthropic, self loathing history teacher.

Sorry: again, lack of embedding...

Angry, snarky when asked questions by those who are SUPPOSED to ask questions...oh my god it's John Tortorella.

Tiffany: Member of the fashion club, complete idiot.

Let's see, dumb quotes, dumb explanations that make no sense... Tiffany is every NHL referee ever.

Quinn Morgendorfer: Daria's sister. Fashion club member. User of boys.

Quinn is, quite simply, a puck bunny.

Jake Morgendorfer: Daria's dad. He has big dreams, but never quite reaches potential.

Here's Jake not moving the Pentagon...

Jake has big dreams, but never really materializes...just like the Lockout to Lockout Toronto Maple Leafs.

Helen Morgendorfer: Daria's mom. She's business driven but totally clueless as to her own family...

Wait a second, somewhat nuts, moody and withdrawn but dedicated to her's Mike Richards

Kevin Thompson: Brittany's boyfriend and the stereotypical football player.

He's an oil-typhoon...or as Gary Bettman prays, the next owner of the Coyotes.

Well, stop standing on my neck, the post is over. ALRIGHT! *turns on Pigskin Channel*

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