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Sunday, November 13, 2011

More NHL iPods

Just over a year ago I did a piece of NHL iPods talking about players favorite songs. It seems like it's time to do it again, This time with music videos!

Scott Hartnell:

Top 3 songs:
-Falling Down by the Birthday Massacre

-Falling by Lacuna Coil

-Falling Again by Lacuna Coil

Terry Pegula: Owner of the Buffalo Sabres

This always seemed to play for him...

Blair Betts: Bad pun on a name alert...

Paul Ranger: Where'd you go?

A Certain Philadelphia Reporter who loves to make up stories and is horribly incompetent:

What song better than "Storytime", something that implies everything is fiction.

Rick DiPietro: The Islander because no matter what, he's always going to be an Islander.

Antti Niemi: Nemo...what's better than a song named after you?

Rick Nash: Over the Hills and Far Away, which is basically him wanting out of Columbus...

The Carolina Hurricanes: Stone People, aka the Hurricanes Defense

Sergei Gonchar: For the Heart I Once Had...because once I got to Ottawa, I stopped giving a sh!t

Sieve Mason: Better Days....he's had them

Ville Leino: Wish You Were in...he wishes he was still on a line with Scott Hartnell and Danny Briere to carry him...

Finally: Charles Wang, NYI owner....Gimme in a new Arena

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