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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't Cry for Me Philadelphia

Dear Diary -

Well, this is the end my friend, at least for the Philadelphia chapter (the second NHL one). When the Flyers traded for the rights to Ilya Bryzgalov I knew my days in orange and black were over (again). Recognizing that my days as a starting goalie are also over - well, to be honest, they've been over for a while - I took a two-year contract to go back up Cam Ward with the Carolina Hurricanes.

But fear not Philly, I'll always have the memory of my second run - both good and bad. I mean really, who could forgot the freak accident where I slashed my finger during a game, leading to the emergence of Michael Leighton (ooops....I probably should have said He Who Should Not Be Named). Or when Ryan Parent fell on me - spraining both my knees, once again leading to the re-emergence of He Who Should Not Be Named. I have to say, I won't miss the Goalie-Go-Round - frankly, I was getting quite dizzy. I'm sure the rest of you were, too.

But let's be honest, my best memory in this second go-around has to be the shootout against the New York Rangers to sneak into the playoffs. I know what you were all thinking - "Oh my g*d, a shootout - we're screwed." But I did it - I stopped Olli Jokinen and did my Boosh Dance to celebrate (let's all forget about the little trip I made before the dance - okay).

It's been real Philly, but the time has come to move on. It's a Russian era - and I just don't fit. But don't worry - I don't heffa be mad. It's okay. After all - it's not like I'm going to Edmonton or anything.

So long Philly - it's been real.


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