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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Alternative NHL Awards

So if you watched the NHL Awards last night, you may have been let down by some of the results, or just thought that the all around feel of the show was "meh", I mean- Jay Mohr...really? really? And...that musical was almost as bad as meeting Matt Cooke or Raffi Torres behind the net. Luckily, for anyone let down by the NHL awards we here at DGS have a set of Alternative Awards that should be more entertaining than Jay Mohr and Gary Bettman. Mainly because, we guarantee that Jay Mohr and Gary Bettman aren't here to present anything.

Award: The Vesa Toskala Memorial Award of "Goaltending"
Nominees: 1-Sergei Bobrovsky playoff edition 2-Brian Boucher in clutch games 3- Michael Leighton's existence
And the Winner Is:...A god-damn tie between all 3 Flyers goalies.

Award: The Trevor Gillies Award of Useful-lessness

Nominees: 1-Trevor Gillies wearing a road uniform 2-Trevor Gillies in a home uniform 3-Trevor Gillies on suspension
And the Winner Is:...Raffi Torres, because Trevor Gillies proved he has some value in naming the award.

Award: The Houdini Disappearing Award in the Playoffs

Nominees: 1- Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin 2- Sidney Crosby 3- Jeff Carter
And the Winner Is:...Sidney Crosby, because no matter how much we heard about him, he never seemed to be on the ice. (Though, with the news Carter is going to Columbus, pretty sure he has 11 years of never making the playoffs ahead of him)

Award: The Glen Sather Memorial GM Award
Nominees: 1-Paul Holmgren trading Gagne for Walker 2-Paul Holmgren not doing math 3-
And the Winner Is:...

Award: The
Nominees: 1- 2- 3-
And the Winner Is:...

This is how the post ends due to the trades, I  cannot finish it. It just is

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