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Monday, June 20, 2011

Tales from a [Location TBD] Nothing

My Darling Glove -

Long time no talk, eh? Yeah, it's been a rough few months - to put it lightly. Finally get called up, make it on to the bench, make it into a game in relief but blow it in overtime and finally get a start and just completely fail. You thought I had no lateral movement before, well, ha - Game 5 was much horrendous. A fan in the stands could have done better. To make matters worse, I busted my hip and was unavailable to the media and they started saying I went AWOL and had a breakdown and all this jazz. I had family members calling me to ask if I'm okay and if I needed anything - like really? Give me a break.

So the hip - busted. Yup - that's right, had to have surgery - again. I'm starting to think I'm more fragile than Rick DiPietro. If only I could have figured out how to get a 15-year contract, then I'd be set. I can already tell next year is not going to be a pleasant one.

After the playoff debacle with the musical goalies - cause let's face it, we all stunk at one time or another during the playoffs - management decided it might be time to stop shopping off the goalie clearance rack. They went out and traded for the rights to Ilya Bryzgalov. Yeah, this guy wants serious money and serious years. He'd be kind of amusing if his arrival didn't mean a one way ticket to the waiver wire for yours truly - cause let's face it, he's Russian, Bob's Russian, Boosh is a UFA and I'm screwed. At least it appears that there will be room down on the Phantoms, with rumblings of Backlund going to Europe and Homer just giving up to the rights to everyone else on the farm aside from Stewie - just got to make the most of a bad situation. At least I can go down there and break the AHL shutout record - a whole season down there, piece of cake. At least I'll be wanted.

Maybe it's time to consider a new profession.

Dejected Faces and Heavy Sighs,


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