Fan vs Fan

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

iPods of the NHL

Sometimes we here at DGS just run into things by accident. And these accidents cause us to send out the DGS SuperSpies on special investigations to find out the truth. In todays case, a DGS writer was chatting with a friend about music and we got curious, what do different NHL players listen to while on the road and all. Well guess what, we sent the DGS superspies all around the NHL and they grabbed a few iPods of NHL players and got a look at some of their "Top Played" songs. Needless to say, the results were shocking.

If this gets really popular, expect a part 2 where I do this again with different players.


  1. If you know where Paul Ranger's iPod is, can you send it to CSI Tampa people so they can find the actual Paul Ranger?

  2. I coulda sworn the only song on Dan Ellis' iPod was the Million Dollar Man's theme song.