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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Open Letter: Steve Whyno

As Steve Whyno is leaving us to cover the Capitals...I feel the need to say goodbye in a way only Down Goes Spezza can. No seriously, I'm gonna miss him, this is from the heart...really.

Dear Whyno,

I'm sure I've already posted a tweet, or 30, teasing this post by now and you, as well as my other ~750 followers were trying to figure out what I meant by it, but that's OK. Also, for the record, after you read this post and talk about it, I'm gonna update it with quotes and possibly a video or two. But enough comedy, let's talk about you.

Steve was the best. End of story. Whyno wowed us with many a story on the Flyer, sometimes he'd write 5-6 stories during an intermission. We're pretty sure the guy never slept. We will all know what his secret was after he leaves, if every Starbucks goes out of business it was coffee, if there's no more illegal drug was crack.

Steve gave us insight on everything, from the awesomeness of Jody Shelley, to the amazing, injured, elbows of Chris Pronger, and much more.

Of course, Stephen was apparently a UFA and sadly Philly Sports Daily couldn't lock him up long term, so he did the best thing for himself...he took a job in DC covering the Capitals. Now, I personally think that this isn't  a bad thing, it's a good thing. It's a good thing because Steve can educate a Capitals fan base that's in dire need of friend not-with-standing.

Honestly, I can't say just how thankful I am for all the amazing stories Whyno wrote for the hockey fan in me, I'm also grateful for the talks we had as journalists...err writers...I'm not a journalist. Whyno did the DGS podcast...he survived as a Capitals writer, he just might have to do it again if the Flyers play the Caps in the playoffs.

Here, I turn it over to you guys, the fans of DGS and hopefully fans of Steve as well. In the comments section, leave some love for Whyno.

Steve, best of luck, kick ass, see ya back in Philly after the Caps choke in the first round again.

-the Down Goes Spezza Media Team



As Crossing Broad said: "this! “@DownGoesSpezza: And now; the story: NEW DGS! An Open Farewell Letter to @SWhyno

Whyno himself had a few great quotes on this as well.

"@DownGoesSpezza "I was an RFA, got an offer sheet and had to move on. Call me Dustin Penner ... except hopefully worth it."" -Whyno is worth it...he's a great writer and full of energy

"I'm very touched. Thanks so much RT @DownGoesSpezza: And now; the story: NEW DGS! An Open Farewell Letter to @SWhyno" You're welcome, you will be missed.

"@DownGoesSpezza That was very touching, sir. I appreciate it and all the kind sentiments from you and everyone." -Contrary to what the DGS Ego Watch hashtag implies...we're nice people here.

Justin Wrote:
"This is great. RT @DownGoesSpezza: And now; the story: NEW DGS! An Open Farewell Letter to @SWhyno" We aim to please, also, DGS's Ego Grows.

GJRatner wrote:
"Looks like dc is getting a hell of a journalist and guy. RT @DownGoesSpezza: An Open Farewell Letter to @SWhyno" -Short, sweet, to the point and correct.


  1. Best of luck Whyno! Just please take the Flyers 35 year futility to DC!!!!!

  2. Great, great piece. I couldn't agree more, and Whyno will be terribly missed

  3. Honestly, I don't think all the other writers in Philadelphia combined can fully fill the void left by Whyno. The great insight and unique perspectives that he brings with his articles are second to none.

    All the best to you in DC, Whyno. Hopefully you end up writing in Philly again someday

  4. As the publisher of PSD, I apologize to everyone for not being able to keep Steve here. He was terrific in every way. I can also give you a peak behind the curtain and let you know that he did sleep once, on Christmas morning, for about 90 minutes.

    As Crossing Broad tweeted, Steve changed the way the Flyers are covered. And we're grateful here.

    So you know, we've hired 2 people to replace Steve - Dave Isaac and Ryan Bright. They both know they have big shoes to fill.

  5. Steve catered to his readers' every obsession - even if it required making it appear like Michael Leighton is still relevant to appease this fan girl. He will be missed.