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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Week 12

My Darling Glove -

Phew, what an exhausting week. Since we last spoke, the Phantoms have played five games in six days - and I played four of those games. Guess coach likes me a little more now - or he's trying to kill me. I can't tell which one it is yet. So, I guess you're wondering how the games went. You could say I had my highs and lows - no surprise there.

The first game was in Charlotte against the Checkers (formerly my Albany River Rats teammates). Let up five goals. Oops. Not a good night for me, though the team in general was just not good - and it was a penalty-fest. I can only do so much. Still, I'm sure that was the reason Backlund got to start in Norfolk the next night. He lost, too - just not as many goals.

Friday it was back to Glens Falls to face the Hershey Bears. Won 2-1 - almost had another shutout, but lost it in the third period. Oh well. Caught a break playing the Bears - Holtby got scratched at the last minute to get recalled (went up and shutout the Canadiens - my kind of goalie).

Saturday we took on the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Penguins - beat them 3-2. Back-to-back wins for me - very nice. I was floored when coach started me on Sunday afternoon versus the Worcester Sharks - three days in a row. Couldn't hold on though - wound up losing 3-1 (I only let in two of those). Oh well, can't win them all.

The good news - I've finally amounted enough minutes to get posted on the leader boards. Woooo. Go me. Or not - seeing as I'm under John Grahame, you know, the guy the Flyers signed right before they plucked me off waivers. We also crossed paths in Albany in 2007-08. Oh well, I should move the stats up shortly.

Speaking of the Flyers - Fox 29 News did a spot on me last week (they recorded it earlier this month) - all about the "exiled goalie." Yup, that's me. Got to talk about how I was making the most of my situation down there, and of course, plug the family side and how at least my daughter can see me on Skype. I'm sure the viewers, well at least the female ones, just ate that up.

Season is almost over - then it's off to do nothing. Odds of me getting recalled are probably slim to none thanks to re-entry waivers. You know us - often waived, rarely clears. Hope Backlund enjoys the call up. Sigh.

Hugs & Resignation,


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