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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The NHL's RDO Camp 2010: Rule Changes You Weren't Told About

So as we all know, the NHL just recently looked at possible rule changes at the RDO camp, well the DGS SuperSpies recently uncovered some other possible rule changes that were NOT tested at the RDO Camp. In the interest of public knowledge and full disclosure we're posting the list here for you to see.

  • After trying out 4 on 4, 3 on 3 and 2 on 2 overtimes, 1 on 1 and 0 on 0 were tried as well.

  • Goalie's were asked to go pad free, to avoid any debates as to whether pads were too big

  • New shootout format featuring empty nets. (NHL could just force all shooters to shoot on Vesa Toskala during the season to make this work)

  • Players were asked to play a 60 minute game officiated by Stephane Auger where the rules were applied fairly and consistently

  • Players wearing 87 for the Penguins were now called for diving

  • Games could now be canceled in favor of just a shootout

  • Teams on the PK would have the play goalie free and all penalties would last assigned length regardless of how many goals were scored. (note, Bettman still thinks the NHL would lack scoring with this rule)

  • Players were also forced to dress/change/shower in front of life sized posters of Pierre McGuire in order to prepare them for the experience of being interviewed by him after they get drafted.

  • In order to foster more scoring, pucks now entering the crease count as a goal, and pucks entering the back of the net count as 2 goals.

  • Defenseman throwing body checks in the defensive zone will now be called for a 2 minute penalty for "not allowing scoring chances"

  • Goalies who cover the puck in the goal crease are now subject to a "delay of game penalty"

  • Goalies can no longer leave crease to play puck or make saves.

  • Players were also taught to have sophomore slumps that make Steve Mason's look non-existent.


  1. In regards to the empty net shootout feature, the team without Patrik Stefan automatically wins, correct?

  2. @Jason

    That would be an accurate conclusion

  3. Just a quick question: how does 0 on 0 over time work?

    Also, are you sure the whole allowing 2 goals on one shot thing is for real.

    I think that you try really hard but that you need to check your facts a little more before posting. Your 'inside source' seems to have let you down.